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5 Reasons I Hear About Not Joining Doterra

5 Reasons I Hear About Not Joining Doterra


1. “I’m terrified of being trapped in an MLM”

I felt that way too. Over the years I have tried to embrace a couple of MLM companies, Avon for instance.

The problem I have found with most of the MLM companies is I don’t love enough of their products.

The range is often huge and half the products don’t suit my needs.

Doterra is simplistic. Yes the range is large, but there isn’t 54 Face creams and 27 scents of body wash.

They don’t bring out a new catalogue every fortnight pushing another “sale”.

You don’t have to keep loads of stock on hand & you don’t have to slide into peoples DM’s like a creep.

If you join a supportive team, they will actually educate you, not just make money off you.

It is the most relaxed style of selling and promotion available – in my opinion.


2. “The Oils Are Expensive”

Yes, they are. For good reason. 

I’m a single mother of 3, I home school one child and work freelance in the hours I have leftover.

The first Doterra Essential Oil I tried was Easy Air, it’s amazing. Concerned about the price though, I switched back to cheaper oils and quickly learned my lesson.


The comparison for me is:

  • I use a lot less of Doterra because its so pure 
  • You can literally smell the quality – It’s strong but gentle.
  • I have been educated on how to use them without feeling pressured

So while the “outlay” is expensive. The education from your Advocate is free and this will teach you how to use your oils, reducing wastage and getting maximum potential from the product.


3. “Essential Oils Don’t “REALLY WORK”

This one boggles me.

I understand that some people make outrageous claims. You will get that in any industry – not even MLM specifically.

In a world where pharmaceuticals are killing people, we still have to much respect for that industry and very little for where the products are derived from.

Take Poppy Seeds for instance, these Raw Materials are used to make opiates – but it’s so hard to believe something from the earth has its uses?

I will never claim Essential Oil will cure your cancer or help a person walk again, I don’t need to.

There is enough science to back up the everyday uses for essential oil.

I’m not a crunchy earth goddess – I still enjoy a big mac and a coke, I also enjoy slathering Ice Blue on my neck because 9/10 times it prevents me from having to take pharmaceuticals.


4. “Essential Oils Are Hard & Time Consuming To Use”

They seem complicated for some, diffusing, topical application, Roller Ball Blends. Trust me when you see the results – you will love making your own blends. If you are absolutely not a DIY’er at all – thats cool. Thats what propriety blends are for, they are made and ready for you. All you need to do is add them to your diffuser.

Your home will smell incredible, don’t be surprised if you start to get compliments from guests. An action as minimal as rolling the oils on your wrists can improve your overall mood, I didn’t believe it at first either. Now, particularly when hormones are raging – I couldn’t manage without the oils.


5.”The enrolment process is too hard”

Easy, get the advocate who referred you to enrol you. It’s easy for us, we’ve done it many times.

We just collect some details for you, set your account up with your $35 Enrolment Fee (or Home Essentials Order if you want to waive this) and off you go.

To Enrol Yourself: CLICK HERE. Need some help enrolling? Contact me through my Facebook Page and I’ll get you started.