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Creating Fun Content For Your Essential Oil Business

Finding Fun Content Is Easy!

From Polls, GIFS, Quizzes and funny name lists, the internet has a plethora of content available to utilise on any social media channel.

The struggle isn’t FINDING content, it is CREATING your own content.

In a space with so much noise, it is becoming harder to put your own unique spin on thing.


First You Need The Basic Skill Of Creation.

You do not need to be a professional, My Canva Tutorial will get you started.

If you cannot grasp the art of creation, even using templates, try video instead.

Play dress ups, shoot from different places, use sparkly backdrops – create your own personal brand of fun.


I encourage you to think about the things you love and do more of it. 

So you love the beach?

You might think thats a pretty boring topic, but there are millions of people out there who love the beach too.

Ever heard the saying “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe?” – It’s true. 


FUN, Doesnt necessarily mean “Funny”

Theres this misconception out there that being fun and creative means making people laugh.

That isn’t the case. You can be fun without being a comedian or a clown.


How can you take something you love and turn it into content? 

It can be a live stream, video, images, stories, blog post….there are endless options.

Write down 5 things you love on a notepad. 

Ask yourself how your business connects to those things.

Does your love of the beach help you win in your business? Talk about it.


Here Are 3 Basic Examples Of Fun Content – All Using Topics I Love


Wizard Themed Essential Oil Image Pack  – I love the Harry Potter series and halloween was right around the corner.



My Love Of Dry Sarcasm + The Occasional Swear Word – This series was inspired by my love of Noni B’s Play school parody *Go The F*ck To Sleep*.

I wanted to use my own personal style of dry sarcasm to create eye catching content featuring diffuser essential oil blend recipes. These images ended up being the most popular piece of content I have created for my EO business so far. So popular that I revamped it to include Roller Recipes (below).



My Love Of Vigilantes, Superheroes + Villains – I’m a huge nerd. In my spare time I tend to Netflix my life away because I am far too invested in heroes + villains. 

I feel like essential oils are the hero for many people. With great education, the products have helped so many people. So my love of comic heroes was easily applied to creating content for my business.




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How To Make Your Own Insect Repellant Using Essential Oils

3 Recipes For Insect Repellant Using Essential Oils

There are several combinations of Essential Oil available to make your own insect repellant. Creating your own inspect repellant using essential oil costs around the same as a store brought brand, without the added chemicals. It is important to note that these products should not be used on animals.


Doterra has a fantastic product called TerraArmour which repels insects, including mosquitoes.

The TerraArmour & Terrashield is available to both customers and wholesale account holders.


Method For Spray Recipes:

The following recipes should be mixed into a GLASS or STAINLESS STEEL spray bottle.

I personally prefer Amber Glass as the dark tint offers your blends extra protection from the sunlight.

These can be purchased in bulk packs from amazon.

(It is generally not ideal to use Essential Oils in a standard plastic spray bottle.)




TerraArmour Insect Repellant Spray Blend

  • 10 Mls Of Carrier Oil
  • 10 Drops Of TerraArmour
  • 10 Drops Of Arborvitae
  • 10 Drops Of Lemongrass




Insect Repellant Spray Recipe Using Top Ten Oils + Citronella

  • 350ml Bottle of Witch Hazel or Carrier Oil
  • 15 drops of Citronella
  • 15 drops of Lemongrass 
  • 10 drops of Peppermint 
  • 10 drops of Tea Tree (Also known as Melaleuca Oil)


Make Your Own Insect Repellant Oil Rub 

In a 200ml Bottle or jar, mix your oils thoroughly. Use before going into the outdoors by rubbing a thin layer along the areas you want to protect. Avoid your eyes, ears and other sensitive areas. 

  • 9 drops Tea Tree (Also known as Melaleuca Oil)
  • 9 drops of Lavender
  • 9 drops of Lemongrass
  • 7 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
  • 150mls Of Carrier Oil


Always Skin Patch Test Blends before use as everyones skin sensitivity varies, it is important to follow safety guidelines when using any brand of essential oil.


Other Essential Oils Known To Repel Mosquitoes 

  • Citronella
  • Peppermint
  • Basil
  • Clove
  • Thyme
  • Lemongrass
  • Geranium
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Eucalyptus


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Change The Way You Work. Must Watch Ted Talks.

Change The Way You Work. Must Watch Ted Talks.

From the importance of sleep to workplace productivity, these TED Talks nail some of the changes you can make in your everyday work and business life.

Pay attention to the real distractions and issues in your workplace, solve them and enhance your productivity, happiness and drive in your business.


Jason Fried – Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work


Shawn Achor – The Happy Secret to Better Work


Angela Lee Duckworth – Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance


Nigel Marsh – How to Make Work/Life Balance Work


Arianna Huffington. How to Succeed? Get More Sleep

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3 Ingredient Essential Oil Shower Melts

How To Make Shower Melts With 3 Ingredients

Shower Melts are little blocks of love that melt with the steam in your shower and help clear your airways.

I’ve also found Shower Melts to be beneficial in promoting a great mood to start the day with.

Grab one on your way to a morning shower and give it a try!



1 cup baking soda

1/4 cup to 1/3 cup distilled water

25 drops essential oil




add 1 cup baking soda to a glass mixing bowl

add 1/4 Cup of Distilled water, use more if you need to.

Mix it up!

Add your essential oils, Mix those in too.

Scoop into moulds (silicone moulds o bath bomb moulds are okay)

Press down firmly on the mixture so its compacted

Dry overnight in the moulds

Pop out of the moulds the next day a

nd store in a sealed jar in a dry place.

Shower Time! Place one of the floor of the shower and let the aroma travel with the steam.



Have you got a herb garden? You can also add fresh herbs, sea salt or other natural ingredients like dried rose petals.


Oil Combination Ideas:

Easy Air!

Thyme, lime & Eucalyptus

Cedarwood, Rosemary, Wild Orange & Frankincense

Lemon & eucalyptus

Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Lavender

Rosemary, Eucalyptus & Lavender

Citrus Bliss & Peppermint


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7 Essential Oil Spray Recipes For Your Home

7 Essential Oil Spray Recipes For Your Home


How To Make An Essential Oil Spray


You Will Need:

  • 1x Cup Of Distilled Water
  • 8 – 10 Drops Of Essential Oil
  • 1x Glass Spray Bottle


Note: Some people may like to use Witch Hazel or Vodka instead of water, It’s up to you.


Choosing An Essential Oil Spray  


Room Air Freshener

6 Drops Of Bergamot

2 Drops Of Lemon

1 Drop Of Eucalyptus


Stress Buster Refreshing Spray

4 Drops Of Lavender

3 Drops Of Rose

2 Drops Of Clary Sage


Pet Deodorizer

6 Drops Of Cedarwood

3 Drops Of Melaleuca (Tea Tree)


Citrus Spice Room Freshener

8 Drops Of Wild Orange

2 Drops Of Cinnamon Bark


Lemon Breeze Fridge Spray

4 Drops Of Lime

6 Drops Of Lemon

1 Drop Of On Guard


Mood Boost Spritz

4 Drops Of Chamomile

3 Drops Of Wild Orange

2 Drops OF Ylang Ylang

1 Drop Of Optional Peppermint


Simple Toilet Spray

5 Drops Of Eucalyptus

5 Drops Of Lemon




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4 Ingredient Essential Oil Face Wipes

Essential Oil Wipes For Sticky, Little Boogery Faces

Essential Oil Wipes can be used to make Face Wipes, Baby Wipes…even beauty wipes!

This recipe is very simple, it is also low cost and a little bit easier on the environment than store bought baby wipes,

especially if you use recycled paper or reusable cloth!

What You Need:

  • 1 roll premium paper towels
  • An airtight storage container/empty wipe container/wet bagNote: Use cloth for reusable wipes.
    *Adjust Tea Tree amount based on age & skin sensitivity.


4 Ingredients

  • 2 cups warm water
  • 2 tablespoons Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 3 drops Lavender essential oil
  • 1 – 3 Drops drop Melaleuca/Tea Tree essential oil*



How To Make Essential Oil Wipes

  1. Cut paper towel roll in half with a serrated or electric knife.
  2. Use half the roll now, and half later.
  3. Combine water, Fractionated Coconut Oil, and essential oils in a small bowl.
  4. Pour the mixture over the paper towels & then cover with the airtight lid letting the mixture absorb for 10 minutes.
  5. Turn the container over and let sit for another 10 minutes.
  6. Remove and discard the cardboard middle. Just pull the wipes from the center when you are ready to use.
  7. Store in container of your choice.


Tip: For on-the-go wipes, insert 15-20 wipes into travel size wipe container.


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All products in stock are sent from sunny Brisbane in Queensland!

Please allow up to 10 Days to arrive if you are in W.A. or a remote area.

If there are any problems just reply to your orders email and I will work on a resolution for you.



When an item has been switched into backorder mode, it means we have placed an order for the product and it is currently being made or in transit from our supplier.

Backorders are made available for customers to secure their products before they sell out or are offered up in our advertising campaigns.

*All Backorders & Preorders take up to 30 days to arrive.



I do not want you to stress about your product at all. If it gets damaged or lost in transit, contact me. Even if you think you might be worrying a little too soon, I’d love to hear from you so I can assure your item is on track for delivery. 

Customer Service Emails: [email protected]



Items will be sent generally the next business day for orders processed before 5pm EST – We use the following methods depending on your area.

– Australia Post

– Couriers Please

– Fastway

Tracking will be provided for 500g – 3kg Parcel Sizes only – please visit the carriers website to track the whereabouts of your parcel



Returns Policy.

If you have made a purchase and need to return it for change of mind, I will happily refund the amount for the goods once the package has been returned in good condition. Return POSTAGE is at the expense of the BUYER.

All Products are covered by a 30 Day Money Back Policy and are eligible for a refund if they are fault or you have received the wrong product.

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8 Social Media Strategy Trends That Dominated 2018

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Trends In 2018.

Social Media Strategy is changing after 2018 revealed many changes.

In late 2016 Facebook turned the tables on Snapchat with it’s release of stories to Instagram.

Since then, Instagram’s algorithm changes resemble the same tragic cut to organic reach on Facebook.

With 2018 creeping past us, you can be sure of one thing…

Social Media continues to evolve.


1. AR, VR & User Experiences

The rise of AR & VR experience continues with the iPhone X offering Augemented Reality Experience as an inbuilt feature.

As the tech of the future gains momentum it’s popularity will eventually see features being incorporated into social media strategy. 

2. Instagram Story Takeover

The Instagram Storie feature has been the death of Snapchat by comparative standards. While 50 Million users still enjoy the Snapchat platform, Instagram has put a cog in the wheel of Snapchats rising success. 

IG Stories is just over 12 months old.

Over 200 million people use the Storie feature each month.  

Brands looking to connect with users can take advantage of the “Swipe Up” feature but more importantly, Instagram is now implementing store features and it’s own payment platform. 

Marketers know one of their biggest challenges is getting a user to leave the platform in order to make a conversion. This will no longer be necessary with the new changes.

The pending introduction of these features have already been regarded as a “game changer” amid discussions between leading social media strategy providers.


3. Influencer Market – Should You Invest?

Despite social media algorithms strangulating organic reach, Influencer Marketing is still alive and kicking.

Influencer Marketing offers flexible campaigns, including contra deals which a lot of smaller influencers with high engagement are happy to accept.

Influencer Marketing offers a different style of audience connection than traditional advertisement. Utilising an influencer to market your product is also considered as endorsement, which can carry a brands message a long way.

With platforms like Tribe experiencing a huge amount of growth, Influencer marketing is still regarded as a successful social media strategy for both branding and sales. 


4. Gen Z Are Becoming Your Customers

Millennials are now the biggest working generation while many Baby Boomers are hitting retirement age.

Gen Z has grown up with new age technology readily available.

They are quick on the pulse of popular culture and trends move faster than ever.

Marketers are starting to market differently in order to appeal to the Gen Z culture now that a good percentage of this audience manages their own finances. 


5. Messaging Bots, Paving The Way For AI

Generally speaking a bot is any software that performs an automated task.

With messaging bot platforms like ManyChat, the process of funnelling a customer to a product source or supplying them information is easier.

The applications are becoming smarter, with AI being introduced. 

Conversational ChatBots are already being rolled out in the online marketplace. 

The real question is, will the AI bots of the future have the potential to automate even more for your business?

My opinion is yes. So start learning the basics now.


6. Live Streaming Isn’t Just A Fad

Live Streaming is a valuable part of a brands social media strategy. More  business owners have utilised the live streaming feature as a regular way to promote their products on Facebook.

Live Streaming is a way for a brand to soften the lines of traditional ads and connect with an audience on a personal level. 


7. Twitter Is Dead….However

Twitter has been left for dead….however….

Don’t give up just yet. Keep your toe in the water, especially if you have a brand which aligns well with the Twittersphere.

If Twitter sells and the social media platform does turnaround (I know, it will take some innovative features never done before)….You will wish you had of at least made an account before the changes. Secure your business names, even if you don’t actively use the service.


8. Facebook Groups & Tight Communities

Facebook Groups enjoyed a massive boost in 2017.

Groups didn’t get completely battered to death by Facebooks algorithm until early 2018. They still are an easier method to achieve growth than a Facebook Page. 

You won’t see many corporate brands jump on the group bandwagon. This is great for the small business owners as groups remain unsaturated by huge players in the game.

If you have great content and value to offer, you can achieve an intense amount of growth using Facebook groups. 

Facebook Groups are not over and will still be relative to your 2019 Social Media strategy. 

Give your community a group they can’t live without. 

What Does All Of This Mean For Internet & Social Media Strategy?

VR, AI….Chat Bots. Algorithm changes…It’s a lot to take in.

You don’t have to do all of it, but you should have a key focus in a couple of areas.

If you look at the big names in social media, you will see a common factor between them.

They were all there on the pulse when the next big thing blew up.


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TopBuzz Is Rewarding If You Are A Content Thief

So What Is The Deal With TopBuzz?

TopBuzz Is Rewarding Content Thieves 

Here’s Why.

The amount of work that goes into creating original content, only to post it onto TopBuzz and make very little revenue.

It just isn’t worth it.

Not only that, you agree to some pretty shady BS if you sign up to TopBuzz.

You may as well just give them your content and pretend you don’t even exist.


No outbound links are allowed using the platform.

You will help TopBuzz with a substantial amount of growth if you are continually bringing the fire content. Only to not even be recognised for it from a growth perspective, just a few pennies.

The platform is a million times worse than BuzzFeed who are notorious for restricting content providers from building a profile for themselves.

The by-product of this ends up being a platform filled with publishers from low economic countries who are recycling reposted news stories and content that doesn’t belong to them.

These are people who are keeping the wheel turning for TopBuzz for a few dollars a day and when a copyright claim is made the person receives a “Strike”.


Does TopBuzz wear any of the responsibility?

It is very clear from the trending feed that the owners of Topbuzz are aware of the reposted content. The platform is oversaturated with it. 

So if you are a content thief, you will be rewarded. Reposting content takes very little effort.

If you create original, creative and entertaining content, you will not be paid what you are even close to worth and you risk TopBuzz owning your content. 

On a whole, It’s not the place you want to be if you are planning on growing an online presence. I suggest pushing that energy into developing your blog or social channels more.

This is my opinion after testing the TopBuzz platform with around 50 pieces of content over a 6 week period. 


TopBuzz paid me $500 to join the platform, when I joined I thought it might be a place that nurtures content creators. 

It’s just the same old news clips and “viral” trash being recycled by other platforms and posted as “transformative” content.


If TopBuzz is going to really go somewhere, it needs to offer something that other platforms don’t.

I will continue to test the platform occasionally, I actually hope it improves because there are a lot of great creators who don’t have the audience to earn on revenue, but still produce content with revenue potential.

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Repurpose ONE Image For So MANY Different Uses

Repurpose ONE Image Using ONE Simple Process.

To repurpose your images you need to know two skills. 

  1. How To Create An Image 
  2. How to Reupload/Resize Images 


If you do not have those skills, learn them before you even fill your brain with what I’m about to show you. 

You can follow a basic tutorial HERE.


The ONE simple process you need to repurpose your image content is to Reupload/Resize. 

This is all you are doing here unless you choose to edit/add things**

You are just repeating this for the different sizes you create. 


Repurpose ONE Image several times.

Step 1:

We started with a Facebook Post.

This was a cute recipe name brought up by a member in the group FREE Essential Oils Social Media Images.

 Step 2:

Using Magic Resize* in Canva, this was then turned into an Instagram Post. 

Tip: To make this easy to read, condense your text by doing things like replacing “and” with “&” and “Minutes to “Mins”

Step 3:

Using Canva, Open up a Pinterest Size Template or your preferable Pin Size. 

Reupload your Instagram image onto a Pin, Edit around the rest.

Alternatively you can just make a new pin – but why take the extra time?

Step 4:

Using Everything you now have, Whip up a blog post. Upload or Embed the images you already have. 

Step 5:

Pin your blog post to Pinterest. If it is a recipe or helpful tip, share it in groups that allow this. 


This is where your repurpose adventure may end, however – look where this took me…You are here right now!


Here are my personal steps from here….

Step 6: Using all of the above images, create an image on “how to repurpose images”.

Step 7: Write a blog post, upload this image – this is where we are now.

Step 8: Create a Pin for the Blog post & create optional extra FB & Instagram images to promote blog post.



Look How I Repurpose ONE Image Into So MANY Different Pieces Of Content

  • Several pieces of content for social media.
  • Two different blog posts (One Essential Oil Recipe & One “How To” digital resource). 
  • Pinterest Pins to produce traffic .
  • Printable Images for cute flyers and cards.
  • Extras: You can even make GIFS and Videos with your images
  • Extras….So many more possibilities, but Ill leave it here for now.



*For Canva NON-Premium Members, Instead of using RESIZE, Just download and Reupload your image into the size you are after.

** A beginner can certainly get away with creating images by just reuploading/resizing – ONE SIMPLE PROCESS ON REPEAT.

If you are intermediate, you may want to edit and add things based on the platform – as you can see in some of my variations here.