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Wild Orange Essential Oil – So Versatile!

Wild Orange Essential Oil – So Versatile!

Wild Orange is such a simple product, but it will make you fall in love with essential oil.

It’s fun, sweet and can be paired with almost anything in your diffuser. 

I find it really easy to use with the kids, because they enjoy the smell too. 


I always wanted to wear perfume, but it never sat well with me.

I’d buy the latest celebrity perfume and it would just collect dust.

Since committing to Essential Oil I wear them everyday!

Clearly, my body just didn’t agree with the fragrance and chemicals in retail perfume.


During the holidays I powered through my Wild Orange.

We have a daily swim after lunch and then rest time.

This usually involves kids sprawled out on the floor watching a movie.


I make myself a coffee and slug out with them or tap away at my computer.

It was during the holidays my gratitude for this oil intensified.

I roll Wild Orange onto my wrists and neck after I get out of the shower.

Its refreshing and the action of massaging it in relaxes me. 


This normally happens in the morning, but during the holidays I enjoyed it half way through the day.

I noticed it benefited my mood and damn, I smelt good.

I received quite a few compliments during the holidays, must keep the midday Wild Orange routine a permanent one!


Diffusing this oil, along with Lavender or something you have a preference for will fill your home with the most amazing aroma.

Wild Orange Essential oil is so versatile it can be couple with almost every oil.

While it’s an uplifting aroma often used for motivation, I find it relaxing at the same time.

I suppose, if anxiety and stress levels are reduced with any Essential Oil – you will feel the benefit of relaxation. 


The Wild Orange Blends I Use With My Kids 

  • Easy Air & Wild Orange

I have been using a touch of Wild Orange with my son’s Easy Air as he prefers the smell. This makes it easier for my to introduce oils into his daily routine. He has chronic rhinitis due to a collapsed nasal passage during his tumor surgery. Easy Air has improved his overall health so much. I have introduced an inhaler recently as he is older and can be trusted with the usage. 

  • Wild Orange & Peppermint 

My daughter loves this blend. The Peppermint from Doterra is more like a candy cane, less herbaceous than some oils. I prefer this aroma especially when blending it with citrus oils. My daughter says it reminds her of Christmas, she uses a roller ball every night before sleep. I snuck a little lavender into the most reason bottle to promote sleep.

  • Wild Orange & Balance

This is for my youngest. My little firecracker. She’s wild, crazy and happy most of the time. When her mood dips though, we all certainly know about it!! She seems to crash and burn hard, just today she fell asleep on my in the pool after an hour of working very hard to impress her siblings in the water. She’s 5, So I have only just recently started using topical roller ball blends. 


Wild Orange Essential Oil Is A Bit Like Us Really…

Wild & Sweet.



Making a Roller Ball Blend 

For me personally, I use 10-20 Drops in a 10ml bottle topped off with Fractioned Coconut oil.

Always use Essential Oils Safely when creating your blends. 


Essential Oils & Children


When creating blends for Children, I suggest using less and ALWAYS do a skin patch test.

Supervise your children when using Essential Oils & keep them out of reach when not in use.

You can read more about using Essential Oils with your children HERE





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People Say Essential Oils Don’t Work, How Do You Explain This?

People Say Essential Oils Don’t Work, How Do You Explain This?

Some people say Essential Oils don’t work. That’s a pretty cut and dry statement isn’t it though”

“Essential Oils Don’t Work”


Okay then. Why are their…

several products on department store shelves with Lavender that promote sleep?

The “go to” disinfectant in the Chemist made up of Tea Tree oil?

Coconut & Argan Oil huge in the Hair Care Industry?

Household brand “Vicks Vaporub” contain Eucalyptus oil?


Why would these products keep selling for decades if they don’t work?

Forget the science, I don’t even want to go there.

Let’s just have some common sense about it.

“You are saying this because you are a Doterra advocate”


No, not really.

For years my mother would mention putting Lavender on my pillow, she would always tell me to put Lavender on my wheat bag. 

It helped her, so she figured it would help me.

I knew about Essential Oils well before Doterra, I just didn’t know how to use them properly.

Funny thing is I can’t stand Lavender, it hurts my head and the smell of it triggers my mood into irritation. 

So you see, what works for someone else – doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.

For me I find Balance works very well (Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile for Non-Doterra customers), It’s probably the Frank & Chamomile. 


“Things that have improved, Things I didn’t plan on”

Even after I joined Doterra I would get slightly frustrated when Essential Oil would be recommended for my migraines.

It bothered my that people thought such a horrendous condition would just “go away” with the rub of some oil.

I have been battling these migraines for years and they are a result of health issues I can’t always control.

I usually get a migraine 1-2 times a fortnight, often lasting for two days.

Basically, I’m one big walking ball of brain pain.


When I started using Essential I only diffused it, very rarely topically applied.

Then I started creating samples daily, I would rub the excess balance and wild orange onto my neck.

I would do this everyday, 5 weeks later I realised I had not had a migraine in a full 30 day cycle.


Now keep in mind, at no point did I make an effort to use oils for my migraines. 

I didn’t have any faith at all when it comes to such a painful health problem.

I don’t want to say it’s the essential oil, because I worry I’ll jinx myself – but 30 days….


I put it down to this.

While creating samples of Balance & Wild Orange, I wore the Balance everyday.

I think this has kept my stress and anxiety down to a minimum, allowing me to stay calm and NOT get a migraine.

You see when you a migraine sufferer, it doesn’t take much to tip you either way. 


Essential Oils Don’t Work For You

This is what people should be saying. “Essential Oils don’t work for me” is a more accurate statement. 

Just like my epidural didn’t work during childbirth, a Lavender bath doesn’t do shit for you….am I right?

I don’t go around telling people Epidurals don’t work, even though they are used by qualified health care professionals.

I refuse to project my experiences onto someone else. 


“Essential Oils Don’t Work” is often french for “MLM Companies piss me off”

I get it, I do. But don’t make this about Essential oil.

If you don’t like Network Marketing companies, be logical and say what you really mean.

Don’t piss all over essential oils just because people choose to sell it through a Network Marketing gig. 

That’s like saying “Laundry powder doesn’t work” when AMWAY sells a ton of that shit.


“Essential Oils Don’t Work, I know because my sister used them”

Wha? You haven’t even tried them?

Oh and FYI….Grabbing some Peppermint oil from the cleaning aisle in your local department store doesn’t count.

It can take some time to find what works for you.

Hey, maybe they don’t work for you – but you have to actually have a reasonable attempt at trying something before you can bash it. 


So before you say essential oils don’t work again, for the love of god restructure your sentences properly. 

If Essential Oils Don’t work for you and thats okay, but don’t project your experiences onto other people before they have even had a chance to try them.


Wanna give it another go?



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Is There A Dark Side Of Doterra

Is There a Darkside Of DoTERRA?

Before committing to joining Doterra as an advocate I researched the good side and the dark side of Doterra. 


I’m Kate Shelby and when I became a Doterra distributor in 2017….

I came to the conclusion that like all MLM Companies, there will always be someone who left angrily because they invested a lot of money and came out with nothing.

ANY business takes hard work. In my business experience the only time I haven’t had success is when I have given up or have lost a passion for what I am doing.

All I could find were pissed off people who made the wrong choices in their business and failed.

While I consider failure a bit of a dirty word, when you carry around resentment and anger because your business didn’t take off – it applies. 


It’s Not Just In Network Marketing, Its Business.

I knew someone who opened a coffee shop in the middle of the depression, in a town with minimal population.

He went broke within 6 months. He tells people he had no idea about the depression, because his newspapers weren’t being delivered properly.

People will always find someone to blame. 


Schemes & Health Claims 

Yesterday I saw someone call Doterra a scheme and quote “Essential oils should never be ingested.”

Well, Essential Oils have been ingested well before Doterra came along.

Like all things, don’t overdo it. I’m sure this person is happy to ingest canola oil on a daily basis though.

Doterra can’t control every little thing advocates say, once again because it’s network marketing it gets the bashing of a lifetime.

I think theres far more important things we could be holding a microscope over, politicians for example.


You won’t find a single network marketing company without a “dark side”

Amway, Avon, Tupperware, It Works – They all have misguided reps with sales tactics that annoy people.

Network Marketing is competitive – because so many people do it – so its bound to have some dark stories. 

You know what else is annoying? Pushy Car Salesmen – but you will hear less about those because its not an MLM.


The Doterra Product – Lets Focus on that.

When I choose a brand price is one factor. So is consistency and brand ethics.

I trust Doterra.

That doesn’t mean every other brand is terrible, but I have found the brand I love.

For me, there is no dark side of Doterra.


I’ll admit I was very sceptical about Essential Oils in general, despite being told over and over to use them.

I used Lavender and Peppermint oil initially to try and help my sons sleep and sinus issues. 

It had some effect, often the smell made me feel ill though.


The peppermint oil I had purchased was from the general store, in the medicine section.

While it contained “pure” oil – it also had another ingredients.

This smelt disgusting while diffusing. 


Then I Met Doterra

I met a woman at a market stall who explained Essential Oils to me, not just the Doterra brand.

So I purchased Easy Air and and a different brand of oil.

The Easy air won and I was done, no more shopping around for me.

It’s just costing me more money switching brands all the time. 

So when I see the cost raised as a dark side Of Doterra – I immediately think back to the $60 of Peppermint & Lavender wasting away in my cupboard.

Occasionally I tip the dodgy brands into the toilet with bicarb, because the toilet is where they belong.


My Personal Favourite Doterra Oils 

These are the oils I love and use daily. There is no dark side of Doterra here, just a new found love for Essential Oils and how they make me feel.

They have helped my sons sinus and sleep issues more than any medication ever prescribed by a doctor.


If you got to this point in my opinion piece, I would like you to take away one thing.


I was educated for free by a wellness advocate at a local market stall, then continually supported by my friend & upline Kat Abianac.

Without them, I wouldn’t know what to do with these oils. That is what you are buying into here, not just a single bottle of oil.

That is what changed things for me. Great products & a great company.


Ice Blue

This is by far my favourite so far. Keep in mind Im Ausralian so trying oils like Copaiba is still on the Bucket List. 

I suffer from pelvic pain after a car accident in 1998, the Ice Blue gives me so much relief and isn’t full of chemicals like pharmaceutical creams.

You can try the Ice Blue & Peppermint Roller Recipe HERE



A classic, so of course it’s a favourite. I mix this with my Ice Blue in a roller ball recipe to prolong it’s effect. It works a treat. 

It also smells amazing as a cleaner around the home.


I love the smell of Aromatouch, I regularly use it in the bath after a long day. I’m a mother of three energetic children, so it helps me wind down.


Wild Orange

This Essential Oil makes my house smell amazing. Its such a sweet uplifting smell. I also wear it almost daily along with the occasional dab of peppermint. You can ready more about how I use Wild Orange Essential Oil HERE.



I really don’t enjoy the smell of Balance, but I like the effects. I like using it in the bath, however it does tingle a little if you use too much. 


Easy Air 

While I don’t use this on myself, I diffuse it for my son. My son is a post cancer patient and was near hospitalisation last year, I will get to his story soon. The short version – he has facial paralysis and can’t clear out his sinus effectively and this oil has been a godsend. We haven’t used pharma nasal sprays and sinus meds since.


Those are my favourites, pretty basic aren’t they!

While some people love Frankincense & Melissa, I keep things cost practical when it comes to daily use. 

I wouldn’t want to end up hating Doterra because of my usage choices….*note the sarcasm*

There is no dark side of Doterra.



If this is what has been holding you back from enrolling as a customer or advocate,

Let’s have a conversation, you can contact me HERE.

If you have decided to enrol, you can do that HERE.


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Do It Yourself Essential Oil Bath Salt Recipe

Do It Yourself Bath Salt Recipe

Naturally fragrant bath salts using Doterra Essential Oils. No perfume, Nothing suss.





3 Cups Of Epsom Salt

1/2 Cup Baking Soda

30 Drops of your favourite Essential Oil Blend (or 10 – 15 Drops Pure)

Mix all the ingredients together wearing gloves or with a fork.


Using Your Bath Salt

We use 1/2 a cup as our chosen blend is quite strong.

Mix well to ensure that the salt has speed out  dissolved a little in the tub before entering.


Storing Your Bath Salts

This recipe is best made fresh and used within a couple of days. If you want to keep your salts for longer, store them in a sealed airtight container.


Things To Keep In Mind When Creating Your Own Bath Salts

This bath salt recipe doesn’t contain a stabiliser (such as Polysorbate) so bear in mind the oil will have contact with your skin immediately.

While some recipes state 30 drops of Pure Essential Oil (no carrier oil) to 3 Cups of Epsom Salt – I feel this is far too strong without a stabiliser.

Something you may forget when using salts is not to jump in with freshly shaven legs or skin irritations unless you are using appropriate oil types.


Enjoy Your Bath Tonight!

To get a sample of Doterra Essential Oil, Visit HERE

To Purchase Essential Oils Visit HERE

To become a Wellness Advocate, Visit HERE

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Could Something As Simple As Lightbulbs Be Holding You Back?

Today I did something I have been meaning to get done in a while!

I changed my light bulbs! Might sound boring hey….but it kinda matters when you are running a business on social media.


Some of the best content is created spur of the moment.

Which is why kitting your house out with cool white light is such a good idea.

Having to stop and set up lighting or roaming to find a good corner on an overcast day… kill!


Great idea + bad lighting often means content you don’t feel is quality.

Great idea + great lighting – BOOM. Beautiful.


This is not about being false or putting on a show.

This is about cutting through the noise and being SEEN.


Note: If you are moving house take your expensive light bulbs with you, put cheap ones back in.



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How Much Is A 1ml Sample Worth? FREE COST SHEET DOWNLOAD

Beginners Guide To Creating Doterra Samples 

For those who have been in Doterra for a short period, I totally understand the concern about the cost of giving away samples.

I understand because I am with you, as a beginner. I’m also a bit of a number cruncher. 

The beauty of Doterra is you can create your own samples. Any size, any blend and as interesting as you like. 


I’ve seen so many amazing ideas being given at oily get togethers.

From bath salts, to chocolates with oils in them, to blends with cosmetic glitter in them for your teenagers who don’t quite appreciate how “cool” essential oils are – the flexibility with the product makes it so much easier to promote.


The simplicity of the product allows you to make and take samples as small as 1ml.

If your an advocate, you know 1ml can actually go a long way! 

It’s a tough call when you are making samples wether to dilute them or not, because you want your customer to experience just how pure these oils are.

Some of my samples are 2ml Diluted, but they come with communication sheets which explain why. 

Teaching potential customers how to dilute their oils is an important part of providing the product.


My suggestion is this. 

Keep in mind this is just a personal opinion, more for when you are starting out.

I hear too often disgruntled people claiming the company they represented bled them dry.

I disagree with this attitude, figure out your investment strategy. If its only $100 for the first 3 months – so be it.

Stay in control, in any business.

Know what you can spend, don’t go showering your friends with samples of Frankincense just because it’s the “King Of Oils”

ALL of the oils are amazing, show them.


Just an example of a $100 Sample Spend:

$100 Will make you over 75 Lemongrass Samples with 1ml Basic Bottles.

That includes the cost of the bottles.


Creating Clean 1ml Samples With NO FC OIL

TOP TEN Lowest Cost Oils To Create Single Oil Samples:

Lemongrass $0.80 

Lemon $0.90

Wild Orange $0.93

Lime $1.13

Eucalyptus $1.20

Clove $1.21

Cypress $1.30

Grapefruit $1.35

Fennel (Sweet) $1.43 Rosemary $1.43


TOP TEN Highest Cost Oils To Create Single Oil Samples

Melissa $46.60

Sandalwood (Hawaiin) $22.00

Spikenard $15.90

Manuka $14.60

Cardamom $10.80

Helichrysium $9.00

Douglas Fir $7.80

Sandalwood $7.33

Cinnamon bark $6.20

Myrhh $6.10

Juniper Berry $6.00


TOP TEN Lowest Cost Oils To Create Blend Samples

Terraarmour $1.00


Easy Air $1.80

Purify $2.00

Smart & Sassy $2.03

Digestion $2.05

Aromatouch $2.12

Lavender Peace $2.72

On Guard 15 $2.72

Endocrine $2.83


Need to know the price per ML for both Single Oils & Blends?



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5 Reasons I Hear About Not Joining Doterra

5 Reasons I Hear About Not Joining Doterra


1. “I’m terrified of being trapped in an MLM”

I felt that way too. Over the years I have tried to embrace a couple of MLM companies, Avon for instance.

The problem I have found with most of the MLM companies is I don’t love enough of their products.

The range is often huge and half the products don’t suit my needs.

Doterra is simplistic. Yes the range is large, but there isn’t 54 Face creams and 27 scents of body wash.

They don’t bring out a new catalogue every fortnight pushing another “sale”.

You don’t have to keep loads of stock on hand & you don’t have to slide into peoples DM’s like a creep.

If you join a supportive team, they will actually educate you, not just make money off you.

It is the most relaxed style of selling and promotion available – in my opinion.


2. “The Oils Are Expensive”

Yes, they are. For good reason. 

I’m a single mother of 3, I home school one child and work freelance in the hours I have leftover.

The first Doterra Essential Oil I tried was Easy Air, it’s amazing. Concerned about the price though, I switched back to cheaper oils and quickly learned my lesson.


The comparison for me is:

  • I use a lot less of Doterra because single oils are undiluted.
  • I have been educated on how to use them without feeling pressured
  • I have access to their Loyalty Program & BOGO which makes it MUCH cheaper!

So while the “outlay” is expensive. The education from your Advocate is free and this will teach you how to use your oils, reducing wastage and getting maximum potential from the product. 


3. “Essential Oils Don’t “REALLY WORK”

This one boggles me.

I understand that some people make outrageous claims. You will get that in any industry – not even MLM specifically.

In a world where pharmaceuticals are killing people, we still have so much respect for that industry.

The irony is a lot of modern medicine also utilises the earths goodness.

Take Poppy Seeds for instance, these Raw Materials are used to make opiates – but it’s so hard to believe something from the earth has its uses?


I will never claim Essential Oil will cure your cancer or help a person walk again, I don’t need to.

There is enough science to back up the everyday uses for essential oil.

I’m not a crunchy earth goddess – I still enjoy a big mac and a coke.

I also enjoy slathering Ice Blue on my neck because 9/10 times it prevents me from having to take pharmaceuticals.


4. “Essential Oils Are Hard & Time Consuming To Use”

They seem complicated for some, diffusing, topical application, Roller Ball Blends.

Trust me when you see the results – you will love making your own blends. If you are absolutely not a DIY’er at all – thats cool.

Thats what propriety blends are for, they are made and ready for you. All you need to do is add them to your diffuser.

Your home will smell incredible, don’t be surprised if you start to get compliments from guests.

An action as minimal as rolling the oils on your wrists can improve your overall mood, I didn’t believe it at first either.

Now, particularly when hormones are raging – I couldn’t manage without the oils.


5.”The enrolment process is too hard”

Easy, get the advocate who referred you to enrol you. It’s easy for us, we’ve done it many times.

We just collect some details for you, set your account up with your $35 Enrolment Fee (or Home Essentials Order if you want to waive this) and off you go.

Need some help enrolling? You can Enrol yourself HERE or Contact me through my Facebook Page and I’ll get you started.


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How To Post Your Doterra Essential Oil Samples For $2

How To Post Your Doterra Essential Oil Samples For $2

So, a lot of people have asked me this year how I managed to post samples for $2.

The answer is very simple, as long as you stay under the 20mm width with Australia Post – you are all good.


Okay, maybe not.

There IS ACTUALLY a knack for it. I’ll walk you through it below.


Shipping Your Samples For $2 – The Options

Most of you would know about the large letter postage options, but shipping things in envelopes require some practicality. You can’t just throw a sample bottle in an envelope, its likely to break or get flagged for rolling around in the packet when the machines are slotting the mail.

If you are shipping a sample as a one-off, put it inside something like a matchbox and THEN inside an envelope.


If you are regularly shipping samples, purchase yourself some die cut boxes.

These vary in price, I buy them in lots of 100 Boxes as I post things A LOT. In bulk, these boxes work out around 26 cents each.

They are 16mm wide so you have room for a sheet of bubble wrap. Although if your sample bottles are tough, don’t go overboard with padding. Decent sample bottles aren’t that easy to smash when encased in thick cardboard.

I know some of you keep up with my tips and hints on FACEBOOK, make sure you FOLLOW because I probably won’t write a full article whenever my brain farts out something spectacular.




They Fit Multiples (or a variation of):


If you purchased a Little Box Of Bottles, you would have seen me squeeze quite a few in these boxes. If you do this, there’s always a risk of receiving a bill for postage. Which is fine by me, but if you prefer to avoid this just play it safe. As long as you stick to the 20mm Rule and under 500gms – You are entitled to $2 – $3 postage.

Don’t EVER leave your return address blank with these. IF you overpack your boxes, even by accident, your customer will get the bill if you leave your sender address blank.




I purchase my boxes from EB Pak – if you are outside of Melbourne than you can buy through them on eBay. If you do not want to buy lots of 50 – 100 you can add on 6x Boxes for $3 when you purchase your bottles from my store without attracting any extra postage (if your satchel goes over 500g I will take care of it).



If you plan on purchasing the Light Ring & 10ml Bottle package, you will get a “SAMPLE SAMPLE BOX” in your order so you can have a look at them. (There are only 11 Of these packages left at this stage) Please note, this is not sponsored by EB PAK or anything, I just want you to know how to send samples cheaply AND professionally.

This works out cheaper than large A4 Envelopes from Woolworths. I sent over 4000 products last year using these and rigid mailers with next to no problems!

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Doterra Ice Blue Recipe For Roll On Application

Ice Blue Recipe

This Doterra Ice Blue Recipe is amazing!

Your customers should know about this Ice Blue Recipe so they have the option of creating their own blends.

Recently I had several different potential customers, in all sorts of pain, with all sorts of budget issues.

I realised there is a problem here I can fix, by providing options. 


Make Your Own Ice Blue Recipe Roll On 

The basic Ice Blue recipe:

Using a 10ml Roller Ball Bottle

  • 20 Drops of Ice Blue
  • Top off with Fractioned Coconut Oil 

If you are looking to extend your Ice Blue recipe further:

  • 15 drops of Ice Blue
  • 5 Drops of Peppermint
  • Top off with FC Oil in a 10ml Bottle.

I prefer using the Peppermint Oil as I feel it lengthens the sensation after applying the oil. 


Ice Blue Recipe


Do you actually save money this way?

Firstly, keep in mind your roll on/touch products are a little different to the DIY blends. I am not trying to discourage you from buying the Roll On or Touch products, this is simply an option you should know about.

If a rollerball bottle distribution is the key point you are looking for – YES YOU WILL SAVE A BUCKET. 


Does The Ice Blue Recipe Have To Be In A Roller Ball Bottle?

No. However…..

Making your Ice Blue recipe in a Roller Ball bottle decreases the amount of liquid you dispense so you have more control, therefore saving money.

This way you also don’t get it all over your hands which can be a bit of a hazard with Ice Blue. If you accidentally touch your eye area after applying with the original Doterra bottle, it will burn. 

I prefer to keep any Essential Oil I apply topical in these bottles, they last a lot longer especially when using them on children, who have a habit of bumping me when I have a regular dropper in my hand.


DIY Recipe Cost:

5ml bottle of Ice Blue Wholesale is $42.50AU + FC Oil $16.50 = TOTAL COAST $59

This makes almost 7 x 10ml Rollerball Bottles when you add Peppermint Oil

Best practice is to use a Funnel when making blends, this helps count the drops. 


Cost Of Doterra Roll on or Touch On a Wholesale Account:

1x Ice Blue Roll On From Doterra (Undiluted): $85.00 or 

Ice Blue Touch (Diluted): $62.00


If you have an amazing consultant (hint…hint…me) they will help you arrange what you need to create your DIY Roll ons by helping you place to right order and organising your Roller Ball bottles.

Sometimes your Doterra Wellness Advocate will go even further and make them up for you, this is something I have already done many times in the early days of my Doterra business. 

You simply pay for the bottles on top of your order (around $1.50 – $2 for a decent Roller Ball Bottle).


Who Have I Made These For?

In my first week making these up I supplied one bottle to a woman with post cancer neuropathy pain. She loves the oil, but is too unwell most days to create her own blends. So I did them up and sent them out to her. I have since given them out to another customer who wanted to give them to a family member in the nursing home to try, another customer who would find it difficult to create their own. 

The knock on effect of this – without even TRYING – are potential enrolments.

Simply through the act of helping people.


Once you try Ice Blue – pharmacy creams and balms will never compare. 


There are a couple of ways you can order.

If you join Doterras $35 a year Wholesale Customer Program – you get the prices above.

The Ice Blue alone is discounted over $14 for a wholesale customer. 

If you prefer to buy JUST the Ice Blue, You can do that HERE.

Click Here To Enrol Now

If you would prefer to order without going through the online process, just email me at [email protected]


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Enrol In Doterra Today

Have you discovered how amazing Doterra Essential Oils are?

If you already know what kind of DoTERRA Membership you are after, click HERE to get started using the “Join & save” option.

To Buy Doterra Essential Oil at FULL RETAIL price, use the “Shop” button.

If you haven’t had the experience of trying these oils please email me ! We will set up a call and get some samples into your hands!


If you have received one of my $35 welcome package cards, you are in the right place.

Once enrolled I will get in touch to organise your free personal welcome gift which includes goodies!

To create a plain enrolment with no add on products, simply choose the $35 introductory packet during the enrolment process.



You may have a friend in Doterra who sells you the oils wholesale.

Maybe you have seen the oils on a trading post, ebay or similar.

You miss out on all the benefits without a membership! 


How much do you lose out when you buy these oils without a membership?

1. You can’t access buy one get one free deals with no account – that really sucks

2. You DON’T accumulate any loyalty points.

3. You DON’T get your free peppermint oil when you renew.

4. You DON’T earn your postage back in spendable points.

5. You DON’T access to more support with a wholesale account, many groups are for advocates only.

6. You might be buying old stock or oils that have been opened.


To Simplify Your Enrolment, These are your two options:


Do you want to be a Doterra Essential Oils wholesale customer? 

Enrol as a customer and receive:

  • 25% off all Doterra Essential oils
  • Access to monthly promotions.
  • Access to customer support groups

You are also more than welcome to be a part of my Facebook group where I keep customers up to date with monthly promotions.


Do you want to build a Doterra business?

Enrol as a Wellness Advocate

  • Receive 25% off all oils
  • Earn commission and access to the Loyalty Rewards Program.
  • Access to private Facebook groups with mentor help
  • Work at your own pace, you don’t HAVE to rank quickly. Its your business.


Enrolment with no product order is $35 + Postage

(Your postage points can be spent on products)


The best value for money when purchasing an Enrolment Kit is the Home Essentials Kit. 

This kit includes the TOP 10 Oils & The Petal Diffuser – Saving over $110 

If you do not need a diffuser, there are many other options available.


Once Enrolled, Contact Me To Organise Your Gift Pack.

If you choose to become a Wellness Advocate enrolling into our team, you will receive a personalised welcome pack from me.

  • Goodie Pack Of Oil Samples + Info
  • Aromatherapy Bracelet
  • Access to support groups
  • Access to private team groups

(This is separate to the enrolment pack Doterra will send you.)


About Me:

My name is Kate Shelby and Im a single mother of 3 living in South Brisbane, Queensland.

I first started using Doterra for my sons health. My son has post cancer complications, including severe sinus issues.

Since using Doterra Easy Air I have been able to cut way back on sinus medications during the seasonal time of the year.

I have admittedly gone back to cheaper brands, but quickly realised the quality doesn’t compare.

I have since added many more oils to my collection and have been using them for my whole family. 

I am not a crunchy mum or a Yogi, I still drink coke occasionally and enjoy a Big Mac. Perhaps this is why I was sceptical at first.

I love the product, which is why Im happy to promote it. 

While I am working hard to build a business, it still feels like a hobby for me because I enjoy it so much.



If you need more information about Enrolment & your first order, CLICK HERE

If you would like me to walk you through enrolment, email me & I will call you personally.

[email protected]


Conditions: Your store code will last for 3 months and is only applicable to Jewellery, Bottles & Tools. Code cannot be redeemed for Essential Oils & Diffusers.