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How To Format Your Instagram Stories So They Look Amazing!

Getting Your Instagram Stories To Look Right.

Instagram Stories are a fun experience for users and easy to scroll through. 

With Instagram providing a sort of “Daily Digest” this makes it easier to be present everyday without having to curate a perfectly photographed piece of content.

This is a little tip for getting your content to look “Instagram Story” friendly. 


Using Snapseed, the expand tool provides a way to size up your instagram stories so they fit neatly.

There are “Instagram Story” apps you can use however most creators already have Snapseed on their phone.


I figure, why download yet another app when you can use the one app for multiple things!



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Could Something As Simple As Lightbulbs Be Holding You Back?

Today I did something I have been meaning to get done in a while!

I changed my light bulbs! Might sound boring hey….but it kinda matters when you are running a business on social media.


Some of the best content is created spur of the moment.

Which is why kitting your house out with cool white light is such a good idea.

Having to stop and set up lighting or roaming to find a good corner on an overcast day… kill!


Great idea + bad lighting often means content you don’t feel is quality.

Great idea + great lighting – BOOM. Beautiful.


This is not about being false or putting on a show.

This is about cutting through the noise and being SEEN.


Note: If you are moving house take your expensive light bulbs with you, put cheap ones back in.



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How To Post Your Doterra Essential Oil Samples For $2

How To Post Your Doterra Essential Oil Samples For $2

So, a lot of people have asked me this year how I managed to post samples for $2.

The answer is very simple, as long as you stay under the 20mm width with Australia Post – you are all good.


Okay, maybe not.

There IS ACTUALLY a knack for it. I’ll walk you through it below.


Shipping Your Samples For $2 – The Options

Most of you would know about the large letter postage options, but shipping things in envelopes require some practicality. You can’t just throw a sample bottle in an envelope, its likely to break or get flagged for rolling around in the packet when the machines are slotting the mail.

If you are shipping a sample as a one-off, put it inside something like a matchbox and THEN inside an envelope.


If you are regularly shipping samples, purchase yourself some die cut boxes.

These vary in price, I buy them in lots of 100 Boxes as I post things A LOT. In bulk, these boxes work out around 26 cents each.

They are 16mm wide so you have room for a sheet of bubble wrap. Although if your sample bottles are tough, don’t go overboard with padding. Decent sample bottles aren’t that easy to smash when encased in thick cardboard.

I know some of you keep up with my tips and hints on FACEBOOK, make sure you FOLLOW because I probably won’t write a full article whenever my brain farts out something spectacular.




They Fit Multiples (or a variation of):


If you purchased a Little Box Of Bottles, you would have seen me squeeze quite a few in these boxes. If you do this, there’s always a risk of receiving a bill for postage. Which is fine by me, but if you prefer to avoid this just play it safe. As long as you stick to the 20mm Rule and under 500gms – You are entitled to $2 – $3 postage.

Don’t EVER leave your return address blank with these. IF you overpack your boxes, even by accident, your customer will get the bill if you leave your sender address blank.




I purchase my boxes from EB Pak – if you are outside of Melbourne than you can buy through them on eBay. If you do not want to buy lots of 50 – 100 you can add on 6x Boxes for $3 when you purchase your bottles from my store without attracting any extra postage (if your satchel goes over 500g I will take care of it).



If you plan on purchasing the Light Ring & 10ml Bottle package, you will get a “SAMPLE SAMPLE BOX” in your order so you can have a look at them. (There are only 11 Of these packages left at this stage) Please note, this is not sponsored by EB PAK or anything, I just want you to know how to send samples cheaply AND professionally.

This works out cheaper than large A4 Envelopes from Woolworths. I sent over 4000 products last year using these and rigid mailers with next to no problems!

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How To Download Facebook Videos From Private Groups

How To Download Facebook Videos From Private Groups

Let me show you how to download Facebook videos from private groups the easy way! This is particularly handy for downloading videos which were posted BEFORE the option to save to your camera reel was implemented.

This way is also a great tool for those who are in the VA industry and need to download videos without hassling your client for the original source file.

Why should you download your videos from your private Facebook groups?

Reason 1:

If you have fantastic content posted in your groups you should ALWAYS keep a back up. There have been many cases where groups have just “disappeared” leaving all of your content lost forever.

Reason 2:

This content can be repurposed as Blog posts, Youtube videos and many other great pieces in the future. You can even have your videos transcribed with a service called Transcription Hub or Rev.

Reason 3: Specifically using this method, you can download your videos in the original quality on your desktop. While some PCs allow you to save the file directly from the browser, its often the compressed version. While some phones also allow you to do this, its then a pain having to transfer the file or bringing it across to your desktop computer through a dropbox. This way – you know it will work every time. 


It’s important to note you should never download content that you are not authorised to re-use.

This tool is designed to retrieve your own content in order to repost it elsewhere.


Download Facebook Videos From Private Groups In Simple Steps 

For those who download a LOT of FB Videos:

  1. Make sure you are running Chrome 
  3. Download the Chrome Extension Toolbar
  4. Go to your video SOURCE URL, hit the download button on your toolbar
  5. Choose the HD version of your video for best quality
  6. Video will start downloading!
  7. Watch the video if you need further instructions on how to use

For those who only download FB Video occasionally:

  1. Make sure you are running Chrome 
  3. Input the source URL of your video and download using the browser version



Need help with the Facebook video source file?

How to get your source file on an iMac:

  1. Make sure right click is enabled in your settings
  2. Go to the video you want to download 
  3. Right click ON the video 
  4. Click “Show Video URL”
  5. Copy the entire URL
  6. If you need more instructions – watch the tutorial


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8 Tips To Make Your Own Product Images

Make Your Own Product Images, By Taking Them With You. Everywhere.

I used to be an Ebay Powerseller for trending products, this means new photos all the time.

Armed with only a smartphone I use the outdoors, different placemats and props to create my images.


I quickly learnt that you don’t have to be a professional to take your own product images.

Product photos have to be presentable. Sometimes creating a unique image (something that hasn’t been seen before) will single you out among 1000 other sellers with the same product.


The current climate on social media is full of stark white, scandi, minimalist culture.

This makes for beautiful photos, but when you break the whitewash up – you make some noise.


This is the problem when something becomes so on trend

Scrolling through social media is like going for a long drive. 

The same black and white lines pass by, with the occasional neon bump that makes me sit on the edge of my seat. 


Taking Your Products Everywhere. 

It’s been a few weeks of travelling around with a bag full of oils waiting for the perfect opportunity and place to snap some pictures.

While 9/10 places I visit, there is no opportunity to snap pictures and I don’t prioritise it everywhere I go.

When the perfect time presents, I am thankful I brought my product along with me.

The images below are available for FREE USE in my Facebook Group.



This goes for any product, sometimes the product is you!

I carry a Fisheye Lens and a Selfie light in my car at all times, while I rarely use them – having them pays off on those unique moments.

(I also carry a GoPro Hero 6 – but Im vlogging nerd)


Taking Product Photos On Holidays. The Beach.The Lakeside

I love the beach because it provides excellent lighting. The waterside usually appeals to everyone, so featuring it in product images makes sense to me.

With a product like essential oils, relaxation and sitting by the bay are intertwined with the product theme. This is a product that helps peoples mood, so reflecting this in an image in a tranquil spot just makes sense.




8 Tips For Taking Images Out In Public

Tip 1: Face the light when taking photos so your shadow doesn’t appear in your final images.

Tip 2: Don’t worry about what others think, if they aren’t in the photo what is it to them

Tip 3: Experiment, some of this shoot was taken UNDER the water

Tip 4: For 360 Social Media Pictures, use Panorama Mode and upload directly from your phone

Tip 5: Consider using Empty oil bottles if you are worried about damage and leaks

Tip 6: To edit, use an app like Snapseed and wrap the entire shoot up on your phone to save time.

Tip 7: Transfer your entire shoot to a Dropbox for safekeeping

Tip 8: Take more photos than you think you need! Trust me, in 4 months time you will wish you had variations for places like Instagram.


Want Full Access To These Product Images?

The whole lot are available in HD including 360 Degree Versions at the Essential Oils Image Hub


The Above Images Belong To Kate Shelby & Are For Image Hub Member Re-use Only


Happy Holidays! Don’t Forget To Take Your Oils With You!


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The Stranger Things Font Generator. Strangify All The Things!

Strangify All The Things!

The nostalgic Stranger Things font is a spin off from the iconic Stephen King title font.

Nelson Cash has created Make It Stranger, a text-generator that lets users write anything in the ‘80s retro font.



You can Strangify Your Own Designs

The Stranger Things font used for the title of the Netflix smash hit TV series is a customised version of ITC Benguiat


I used the Stranger Things font generator to theme up some of my Doterra Essential Oil blend recommendations.

The Stranger Things Font Generator would be perfect for creating Invitations to a Stranger Things, 80’s Pop Culture theme party.




See the font evolve into the official Stranger Things version HERE and get an insight in the development of the final product.



Have fun with your DIY Stranger Things creations!

To change the size of your final download I recommend Re-Uploading into Canva to adjust for your social media platforms.


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List Of Canva Tutorials To Help You With The Basics

3 Canva Tutorials To Help You With The Basics

My Canva tutorials are created based on frequently asked questions in our social media groups. Most of the topics are cover are super basic, but a lot of Canva subscribers don’t realise the features hidden within this awesome creative platform!


Canva 101 – Create a basic 3 layer image.

This is the most popular tutorial which gives a basic overview of create an image for social media using the “Facebook Size” option. 

To watch, Click HERE.


Canva Logo – Make a basic button logo using Canva

This is a question that is raised a lot. “How can aI create my own logo until I can afford to invest in a graphic designer?”.

This is simple, easy. If you use the right font and background you will have a professional looking logo for use in your business.

Tutorial HERE.


Canva Watermarking – Create a basic watermark using Canva.

Some features of Canva are for premium members only. If this is something you cannot currently invest in, do not fret. Make a list of the creatives you need which require the premium features and get them all completed during the trial period. Tutorial HERE



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How To Make a Basic Watermark Using Canva

“Help! I need to make a watermark!”….

I hear you. Use Canva. Its quick & easy.

If you already have a professional logo, even better. 

In this tutorial I show you how to make a watermark which you can keep on hand in your Canva library. If it sinks too far to the bottom, just reupload it.

You can also store it in the “Logo” department if you have premium Canva, making it even quicker to access. 


You don’t HAVE to turn the transparency down, this is something you might want to do manually on each image. In this case, just keep your logo on hand and turn it down to your requirements. Some backgrounds do better than others with different levels of image transparency, as you can see on the video cover below. 


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Creating a Super Basic Button Logo In Canva

Design Your Own Super Basic Transparent Logo In Canva

Making a Transparent Logo In Canva:

You will need premium Canva, simply choose PNG download and tick the “Transparent” box before downloading.


No Premium Canva? Removing Your Own Background:

You will need to choose dark button colours if you are removing your own background, you can then upload to LunaPic.

You can either crop the logo or use the transparent background removal tool.

Alternatively some services charge $1 per picture for background removal, this is cheaper than the $10 monthly fee of Canva if you rarely use the service.



Pin Me On Pinterest For Later!



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How To Link A Group To Your Facebook Page

Why Should You Link A Group To Your Facebook Page?

Linking your Facebook page to a group is a very simple process


What are the benefits of having a Facebook Group for your business?

Few years admins have been running groups that have a higher engagement rate than pages.

Linking your group is a great way to associate your business with your group without having to scream it from the hilltops.

As the group admin you have some authority and are often regarded as an expert in your groups niche.

You’ll have an easier time engaging with your audience in a closed setting such as a group, making one on one sales.

It takes some effort to run a group, a successful group will be overflowing with discussion. Think of a group the same way you do as content marketing, you are giving people a safe space, one to enjoy and learn or just socialise.

When we content market, we provide the audience with something they need, helps them or they enjoy – which converts to sales.


Connecting your group to your Facebook page

You will be able to post as your page. When you give valuable advice, people will be able to click through to your business page which hosts even more content and the Shop Now button.

For brands who prefer not to use personal names, this function gives the opportunity to post as the “Brand Name”. For a brand who have several staff members, this can come in handy.

  1. Go to your Business Page
  2. In the sidebar click groups
  3. Click “Link Group” in the pop up
  4. Select which Group you would like to link
  5. Repeat with any other groups you would like to link




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