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Start Vlogging With A Smartphone, You Don’t Need Fancy Equipment.

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Start Vlogging With A Smartphone Without All The Fancy Add Ons!

Start Vlogging with a smartphone, it’s all you need. Every thing we do in life has a beginning, we start with the basic tools. When a surgeon starts medical school, heart surgery doesn’t happen on the first day. Vlogging is no different.


I’m Encouraging You To Start Vlogging With A Smartphone, Because It’s The First Step.

Initially, I had it in my head that I couldn’t introduce video into my blog because I don’t own a $3000 camera. This was simply a mental hump to prevent me from getting started. The quickest way to get over this is jump on Facebook or Instagram Live and put yourself out there, on this platform everyone has the same piece of equipment. The smartphone!

This is especially important for bloggers who start creating content for enjoyment only, with no plan to create an income stream. There are a huge portion of bloggers who are happy if their blog revenue covers the cost of monthly hosting.


My First Vlog Experimented With Toy Reviews

When I started blogging I knew I wanted to make my product reviews visual. Why? Because personally, I find product reviews boring. I would much rather see the product in action.

My first Vlog was created in 2015 with a Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone. It was a very average video. It wasn’t the phone, it was my technique.

My biggest driver was how my first Vlog excited my son Ryan who is featured in most of my video content. I knew I had to keep going and give Video content a decent shot.


I had to find my own Vlogging style, I had to do what worked for me.

I figured out my weakness when it came to Vlogging. I made sure I prepared properly with a well lit room. Then I taught myself how to edit properly, starting with the now obsolete Windows movie Maker. My videos started to improve slightly and with the added advantage of learning SEO, I finally created some momentum.

My videos started getting attention and within 6 months we got a contract being an Official Toy Tester for Wahu Australia.


Blogging With A Smartphone

Over Time I Invested In Equipment To Make Vlogging Easier.

I purchased a tripod, ring light,  smartphone lenses and invested time in editing my videos.


I spent under $50 on accessories!

I went on to buy a Canon Powershot, back then this was a highly recommended camera for Vlogging. Within a few weeks, I went back to my smartphone.

Most of my video content is done with either an iPhone 7 Plus or a Samsung Galaxy s6 – both have different features which are useful.


How Did A Smartphone Turn My Blog Into A Stream Of Income?

The addition of video content has created income opportunities. I thought I would be blogging for over 12 months before I even received a hand soap sample to review. It took around 6 months to build relationships with brands and become a recommended influencer for product reviews and social media content.

I do not have a huge following, but the content I produce is often unique.  The products I receive often supplement items I would already purchase.


The Products Are A Bonus, The Connections Are Priceless.

I have been invited to many events which have enriched my life. I have made so many connections through my blog and the brands I work with appreciate the extra value that I bring with a smartphone.


Blogging With A Smartphone Can Lead To Other Things.

Vlogging with a smartphone helped me produce content with that extra Oomph! This then put me on the radar and within 12 months, I was contracted by businesses who pay me for my services.

Stop and look for a few minutes at Youtube Sensations like Christian Hull, who also manage the video content for the Em Rusciano Show with Harley Breen. This is just one example of the opportunities of creating content that performs well on social media.


Take Out Your Smartphone, Start Vlogging Today.

Stop scrolling Ebay for equipment! Stop telling yourself you need certain tools, lenses, lighting and fancy gadgets to get started. Start Vlogging with your smartphone TODAY!