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DoTERRA Membership VS Wellness Advocate

What is a doTERRA wholesale membership? 

The doTERRA Wholesale Membership option gives you a 25% discount on everything doTERRA offers. When doTERRA does have a sale you will also have access to these as you already have your membership up and running. Remember, BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) offers are daily during that promotional period so you want to snatch up your savings when they go up.

The doTERRA membership discount is 25% off all of your purchases for a full year.

If you purchase $140 worth of Doterra Essential Oil each year, the membership has paid for itself. Keep in mind if you like oils such as Frankincense, this won’t take long to spend. 

When your annual membership is due, you will receive a FREE bottle of Peppermint Oil, which once again shows the fee pays for itself. 


You do not need to do a doTERRA business in order to get the 25% discount. 

If its JUST a discount you want, Enrol as a Doterra Customer.


This is the difference in a DoTERRA Membership VS Wellness Advocate.

When you enrol as a Wellness Advocate, you have access to extra incentives. You can build a business in Doterra, even just casually. 

There are different types of Doterra Wellness Advocates. Some are dedicating a full time role to the business, others are just recommending the product when they can.

You will receive bonus incentives when you enrol people as customers simply by using your store link. 


If you want to build a Doterra Business, Enrol as a wellness advocate

Thats as simple as it gets. Both have access to the 25% discount, Wellness Advocates get the ability to sell the oils, enrol more customers and build a team. 


You are not locked into anything either way, when you enrol in Doterra you purchase as you please. 

If you would like to Enrol and start receiving your discount, click HERE.