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Enrol In Doterra Today

Have you discovered how amazing Doterra Essential Oils are?

If you already know what kind of DoTERRA Membership you are after, click HERE to get started using the “Join & save” option.

To Buy Doterra Essential Oil at FULL RETAIL price, use the “Shop” button.

If you haven’t even had the experience of trying these oils, samples are available HERE


If you have received one of my $35 welcome package cards, you are in the right place.

Once enrolled I will get in touch to organise your free personal welcome package from me which will help get you started using these incredible products.

To create a plain enrolment with no add on products, simply choose the $35 introductory packet during the enrolment process.



You may have a friend in Doterra who sells you the oils wholesale.

Maybe you have seen the oils on a trading post or similar.

You miss out on all the benefits without a membership! 


How much do you lose out when you buy these oils without a membership?

1. You can’t access buy one get one free deals with no account – that really sucks

2. You DON’T accumulate any loyalty points or OV.

3. You DON’T get your free peppermint oil when you renew

4. You DON’T earn your postage back in spendable points

5. You DON’T access to more support with a wholesale account, many groups are for advocates only.

6. You might be buying old stock or oils that have been opened.


To Simplify Your Enrolment, These are your two options:


Do you want to be a Doterra Essential Oils wholesale customer? 

Enrol as a customer and receive:

  • 25% off all Doterra Essential oils
  • Access to monthly promotions.
  • Access to customer support groups

You are also more than welcome to be a part of my Facebook group where I keep customers up to date with monthly promotions.


Do you want to build a Doterra business?

Enrol as a Wellness Advocate

  • Receive 25% off all oils
  • Earn commission and access to the Loyalty Rewards Program.
  • Access to private Facebook groups with mentor help
  • Work at your own pace, you don’t HAVE to rank quickly. Its your business.


Enrolment with no product order is $35 + Postage

(Your postage points can be spent on products)


For either choice, the best value for money when purchasing an Enrolment Kit is the Home Essentials Kit. 

This kit includes the TOP 10 Oils & The Petal Diffuser – Saving over $110 


When You Enrol, My Goodie Pack Is Yours,

If you choose to become a Wellness Advocate enrolling into our team, you will receive a personalised welcome pack from me.

  • Goodie Pack Of Oil Samples + Info
  • Aromatherapy Bracelet
  • Access to support groups
  • Access to private team groups

(This is separate to the enrolment pack Doterra will send you.)


About Me:

My name is Kate Shelby and Im a single mother of 3 living in South Brisbane, Queensland.

I first started using Doterra for my sons health. My son has post cancer complications, including severe sinus issues.

Since using Doterra Easy Air I have been able to cut way back on sinus medications during the seasonal time of the year.

I have admittedly gone back to cheaper brands, but quickly realised the quality doesn’t compare.

I have since added many more oils to my collection and have been using them for my whole family. 

I am not a crunchy mum or a Yogi, I still drink coke occasionally and enjoy a Big Mac. Perhaps this is why I was sceptical at first.

I love the product, which is why Im happy to promote it. 

While I am working hard to build a business, it still feels like a hobby for me because I enjoy it so much.



If you need more information about Enrolment & your first order, CLICK HERE

If you would like me to walk you through enrolment, email me!

[email protected]


Conditions: Your store code will last for 3 months and is only applicable to Jewellery, Bottles & Tools. Code cannot be redeemed for Essential Oils & Diffusers.