Hi! I’m Kate.

Did you receive one of my welcome package cards? Thats great!

When you enrol you will receive my extra package of welcome goodies. 

I will follow this up when I see your enrolment come through 🙂 


The enrolment process is very simple. 

If you are planning to build a business using Doterra, enrol as a wellness advocate.

If you prefer to just be a customer, thats awesome! Just enrol as a customer. 

As a customer, you still get all of the savings benefits.

Each year on renewal , you will receive a 15ml Bottle of Peppermint Oil.


When you Enrol.

You can either purchase a package or do a plain enrolment. 

The Purple Enrolment Package in the list will take you to a plain enrolment.


Some Enrolment Packages come with bigger savings.

The Home Essentials Kit will keep you going for months if you are a light user and comes with a diffuser – Over $110 savings in this kit. This kit also comes with a Petal Diffuser which are very reliable with a great mist output.

I ordered the Home Essentials Kit on my second order z912 months ago) and a couple of the oils I am still getting through. A great example is Oregano, its very strong and pure. As I don’t cook with this, I only break it out when I’m sick.


Building a Collection Without Spending a Fortune

I completely understand there will be people who cannot invest for an enrolment package up front. If you want to build a collection of oils my advice is to start with the lower priced oils first and add a different one to your LRP each month.

Doing it this way leaves room to acquire the more expensive oils as soon as “Buy One Get One Free” comes around.

Remember your postage gets awarded back to you in points, so you can respond those when they build up.

If you have a question, just let me know. There is so much more to this company. It’s more than one page could ever help you understand.