Essential Oil Social Media Unicorns – The Facebook Group

Essential Oil Social Media Unicorns – The Facebook Group

Meeting people enrolled in DoTERRA and building a business has been a positive experience for me. I have been in business since I turned 19 and I have experienced many failures, none which compares to having to go and work for someone else. For me, being my own boss isn’t about money. There have been times where I could easily earn triple the income and do half the hours – but I would be miserable doing it.

Many of the women and men I have met in DoTERRA are much the same. They thrive off the business and team building and I love this.

So of course, when a friend of mine opened a social media support group for essential oils, I was happy to help!


Essential Oils For Social Media Unicorns

This group is about supporting each other no matter which downline you are from. There are not many groups which will promote a model that lifts EVERYONE up. Something I have learned in the social media world, especially in blogging is that people are afraid to share. They think sharing will equal lost sales, stolen sales or just “less”. It’s quite the opposite. Sharing comes from a true and authentic place, which in many ways you will be rewarded.

Do you want to be known as the lone social media ranger who never rides along with friends or partners? That guy usually ends up losing his horse and getting shot eventually.


What Do We Do In This Group?

When Kat Abianac started this group she wanted to give as many free tips to members as possible. Kat is a social media strategist among many other things, she knows how to slay social media.

Members are able to get together and discuss what works for them. I am in the group actively moderating and providing free advice for technical issues and creative ways to use Social Media.

Kat and Jessie Reimers (Diamond DoTERRA Leader) have created a social media course which when completed, will turn your business around. Both women are exceptionally experienced, talented, kind and giving.

The beautiful thing is, despite having course products on offer, in this FREE group you will never feel obligated to enrol. You will never experience a sales push.


To Join, Click HERE

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