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People Say Essential Oils Don’t Work, How Do You Explain This?

People Say Essential Oils Don’t Work, How Do You Explain This?

Some people say Essential Oils don’t work. That’s a pretty cut and dry statement isn’t it though”

“Essential Oils Don’t Work”


Okay then. Why are their…

several products on department store shelves with Lavender that promote sleep?

The “go to” disinfectant in the Chemist made up of Tea Tree oil?

Coconut & Argan Oil huge in the Hair Care Industry?

Household brand “Vicks Vaporub” contain Eucalyptus oil?


Why would these products keep selling for decades if they don’t work?

Forget the science, I don’t even want to go there.

Let’s just have some common sense about it.

“You are saying this because you are a Doterra advocate”


No, not really.

For years my mother would mention putting Lavender on my pillow, she would always tell me to put Lavender on my wheat bag. 

It helped her, so she figured it would help me.

I knew about Essential Oils well before Doterra, I just didn’t know how to use them properly.

Funny thing is I can’t stand Lavender, it hurts my head and the smell of it triggers my mood into irritation. 

So you see, what works for someone else – doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.

For me I find Balance works very well (Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile for Non-Doterra customers), It’s probably the Frank & Chamomile. 


“Things that have improved, Things I didn’t plan on”

Even after I joined Doterra I would get slightly frustrated when Essential Oil would be recommended for my migraines.

It bothered my that people thought such a horrendous condition would just “go away” with the rub of some oil.

I have been battling these migraines for years and they are a result of health issues I can’t always control.

I usually get a migraine 1-2 times a fortnight, often lasting for two days.

Basically, I’m one big walking ball of brain pain.


When I started using Essential I only diffused it, very rarely topically applied.

Then I started creating samples daily, I would rub the excess balance and wild orange onto my neck.

I would do this everyday, 5 weeks later I realised I had not had a migraine in a full 30 day cycle.


Now keep in mind, at no point did I make an effort to use oils for my migraines. 

I didn’t have any faith at all when it comes to such a painful health problem.

I don’t want to say it’s the essential oil, because I worry I’ll jinx myself – but 30 days….


I put it down to this.

While creating samples of Balance & Wild Orange, I wore the Balance everyday.

I think this has kept my stress and anxiety down to a minimum, allowing me to stay calm and NOT get a migraine.

You see when you a migraine sufferer, it doesn’t take much to tip you either way. 


Essential Oils Don’t Work For You

This is what people should be saying. “Essential Oils don’t work for me” is a more accurate statement. 

Just like my epidural didn’t work during childbirth, a Lavender bath doesn’t do shit for you….am I right?

I don’t go around telling people Epidurals don’t work, even though they are used by qualified health care professionals.

I refuse to project my experiences onto someone else. 


“Essential Oils Don’t Work” is often french for “MLM Companies piss me off”

I get it, I do. But don’t make this about Essential oil.

If you don’t like Network Marketing companies, be logical and say what you really mean.

Don’t piss all over essential oils just because people choose to sell it through a Network Marketing gig. 

That’s like saying “Laundry powder doesn’t work” when AMWAY sells a ton of that shit.


“Essential Oils Don’t Work, I know because my sister used them”

Wha? You haven’t even tried them?

Oh and FYI….Grabbing some Peppermint oil from the cleaning aisle in your local department store doesn’t count.

It can take some time to find what works for you.

Hey, maybe they don’t work for you – but you have to actually have a reasonable attempt at trying something before you can bash it. 


So before you say essential oils don’t work again, for the love of god restructure your sentences properly. 

If Essential Oils Don’t work for you and thats okay, but don’t project your experiences onto other people before they have even had a chance to try them.


Wanna give it another go?