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List Of Canva Tutorials To Help You With The Basics

3 Canva Tutorials To Help You With The Basics

My Canva tutorials are created based on frequently asked questions in our social media groups. Most of the topics are cover are super basic, but a lot of Canva subscribers don’t realise the features hidden within this awesome creative platform!


Canva 101 – Create a basic 3 layer image.

This is the most popular tutorial which gives a basic overview of create an image for social media using the “Facebook Size” option. 

To watch, Click HERE.


Canva Logo – Make a basic button logo using Canva

This is a question that is raised a lot. “How can aI create my own logo until I can afford to invest in a graphic designer?”.

This is simple, easy. If you use the right font and background you will have a professional looking logo for use in your business.

Tutorial HERE.


Canva Watermarking – Create a basic watermark using Canva.

Some features of Canva are for premium members only. If this is something you cannot currently invest in, do not fret. Make a list of the creatives you need which require the premium features and get them all completed during the trial period. Tutorial HERE