30 PACK – 10ml Coloured Amber Narrow Roller Bottles

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10ml Roller Ball Bottles, Under 20mm Base. 

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10ml Glass Essential Oil Roller Bottle

Item Type: 30 PACK 
Material: Glass
Volume: 10ml
Colour: Amber, Narrow With Gold Cap


These bottles can be posted using 16mm Die Cut Boxes.

To learn how to post your samples using $2 Australia Post Large Letter Postage Rates, Click HERE.


Glass Essential Oil Roller Bottle – Instructions:

  1. Remove the RollerBall Insert
  2. Preferably with a funnel fill with required about of oil
  3. Replace the insert firmly and screw cap back on
  4. You can now easily apply topically!

TIP: Apply a label so you don’t forget which oil is in each bottle.



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