Ice Blue Athletic Blend 5ml


The Ice Blue blend ingredients work together to soothe and relax muscles and ease aching joints.

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Ice Blue is an excellent blend for aches and pains. 

I have been using the Ice Blue essential oil mainly on the neck and shoulders, the relief is extraordinary. 

This blend contains

  • wintergreen
  • camphor
  • peppermint
  • blue tansy
  • blue chamomile
  • helicrysum
  • osmanthis


The Ice Blue Blend

Don’t let the size of the bottle doubt you, this blend is incredibly potent and concentrate. 

I have created a guide to making your own blend which will make you oil last longer simply by using a Roller Ball bottle and some Fractioned Coconut Oil.

Using my Ice Blue Blend Recipe, you will be able to create 7 x 10ml Roller Ball Bottles for Topical application.


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