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Wild Orange Essential Oil – So Versatile!

Wild Orange Essential Oil – So Versatile!

Wild Orange is such a simple product, but it will make you fall in love with essential oil.

It’s fun, sweet and can be paired with almost anything in your diffuser. 

I find it really easy to use with the kids, because they enjoy the smell too. 


I always wanted to wear perfume, but it never sat well with me.

I’d buy the latest celebrity perfume and it would just collect dust.

Since committing to Essential Oil I wear them everyday!

Clearly, my body just didn’t agree with the fragrance and chemicals in retail perfume.


During the holidays I powered through my Wild Orange.

We have a daily swim after lunch and then rest time.

This usually involves kids sprawled out on the floor watching a movie.


I make myself a coffee and slug out with them or tap away at my computer.

It was during the holidays my gratitude for this oil intensified.

I roll Wild Orange onto my wrists and neck after I get out of the shower.

Its refreshing and the action of massaging it in relaxes me. 


This normally happens in the morning, but during the holidays I enjoyed it half way through the day.

I noticed it benefited my mood and damn, I smelt good.

I received quite a few compliments during the holidays, must keep the midday Wild Orange routine a permanent one!


Diffusing this oil, along with Lavender or something you have a preference for will fill your home with the most amazing aroma.

Wild Orange Essential oil is so versatile it can be couple with almost every oil.

While it’s an uplifting aroma often used for motivation, I find it relaxing at the same time.

I suppose, if anxiety and stress levels are reduced with any Essential Oil – you will feel the benefit of relaxation. 


The Wild Orange Blends I Use With My Kids 

  • Easy Air & Wild Orange

I have been using a touch of Wild Orange with my son’s Easy Air as he prefers the smell. This makes it easier for my to introduce oils into his daily routine. He has chronic rhinitis due to a collapsed nasal passage during his tumor surgery. Easy Air has improved his overall health so much. I have introduced an inhaler recently as he is older and can be trusted with the usage. 

  • Wild Orange & Peppermint 

My daughter loves this blend. The Peppermint from Doterra is more like a candy cane, less herbaceous than some oils. I prefer this aroma especially when blending it with citrus oils. My daughter says it reminds her of Christmas, she uses a roller ball every night before sleep. I snuck a little lavender into the most reason bottle to promote sleep.

  • Wild Orange & Balance

This is for my youngest. My little firecracker. She’s wild, crazy and happy most of the time. When her mood dips though, we all certainly know about it!! She seems to crash and burn hard, just today she fell asleep on my in the pool after an hour of working very hard to impress her siblings in the water. She’s 5, So I have only just recently started using topical roller ball blends. 


Wild Orange Essential Oil Is A Bit Like Us Really…

Wild & Sweet.



Making a Roller Ball Blend 

For me personally, I use 10-20 Drops in a 10ml bottle topped off with Fractioned Coconut oil.

Always use Essential Oils Safely when creating your blends. 


Essential Oils & Children


When creating blends for Children, I suggest using less and ALWAYS do a skin patch test.

Supervise your children when using Essential Oils & keep them out of reach when not in use.

You can read more about using Essential Oils with your children HERE