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14 Day Social Media Challenge

Get Your FREE 14 Day Social Media Challenge

14 Basic Social Media Prompts + Posting Tips.

No sales funnel, no upsells. 100% No Strings attached.

The downloadable, printable PDF provided featured 14 basic social media posts. They are all posting concepts which are flexible, you may want to move the days around or post slightly different ideas.

The sheets purpose is to get you into the rhythm of posting daily.

Believe me, I know what it’s like to struggle with consistency and commit to daily posting – I still don’t do it on a couple of my pages. The pages that I DO post daily on, the rewards are obvious.

You truly never know what your next viral post will be. It could be a heartfelt story that you plunged deep into your soul to write, or a simple quote will take off.

Its important to have a great amount of content, because those who are truly interested in you…they will scroll your page to find out more.