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The Brain Is Wired To Be Social!

The Brain Is Wired To Be Social!

Have you ever wondered why yawning causes other people to yawn? Mirror Neurons!

Have you ever wondered why, when someone else laughs, even if you don’t understand the joke – you start laughing too? MIRROR NEURONS!

When you know the intention behind someone’s action, the mirror neuron’s in your brain is activated.


How Does This Help Us In Business?

The mirror neuron’s give us the capacity to imitate other peoples behaviour. When you see somebody doing something, your mirror neurons are firing, allowing you to experience the same action without carrying it out physically. Let your audience feel your experience!

These neuron’s are the brains way of relating to each other and the world. We are WIRED TO BE SOCIAL!

You Have Just Watched Some Emotional Video Content.

How do you feel?

If the person is beaming with excitement, are you excited?

This isn’t as simple of something being funny or sad.

Mirror neurons allow us to experience the FEELING of another persons joy, sadness, anger and more simply by watching.



Theres a place in your brain which allows you to:

Feel other peoples experiences…WOW!

Have you ever been to a store and received exceptional customer service and while the product doesn’t usually excite you, you feel high on life.

This is because the storeperson was so positive, their smile was infectious – using the mirror neurons!

Have you ever watched a persons content online and found yourself smiling along with them, despite the content not being a comedy piece?

This is your mirror neuron’s helping you connect emotionally to that person.


You Have Successfully Connected With Your Audience:

On A Neurological Level…AMAZEBALLS!

I’ll say it again, we are WIRED TO BE SOCIAL! The very core of our existence is designed to connect and engage with each other. This is why social media is such a powerful engine.

Our purpose as humans is to interact with each other on an emotional level and there is plenty of science based evidence to back this up.


Tell a happy story, an inspiring tale, a sad and tragic account of a past event:

Do It With Emotion. Give It Everything You Got!

This is why it’s so important to show up and be authentic. The real stories, the truth of who you are, where you came from and why you strive to achieve certain goals often has a very powerful backstory.

The things than happen over the years shape who we are and can be used for powerful storytelling.

Don’t be afraid to get out there and put your emotions on the frontline because on a neurological level, we are wired to connect and share the raw emotions involved in each experienced told by one another.