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Easy Canva Tutorial For New Users

Canva Tutorial

Canva Tutorial 1: Create Basic 3 Layer Images

This Canva Tutorial is a really basic approach to creating social media content.

The Canva Tutorial on the platform is great, but overwhelming for new members when they sign up. 

Ditch the frustrations and take it right back to basics.

For a lot of people, Canva is best used by taking baby steps for the first few images. 

Canva Tutorial
Just a few people who enjoyed the tutorial!

Clean and basic often wins the social media game.

Don’t overthink your social media. Personal brands achieve growth through authentic connections with their audience.

You don’t need to create an image that is the equivalent of the next Ikea advertisement to win on social media.

Say true to yourself.

In this Canva Tutorial, I create a really basic image for Facebook with three layers.

You can continue to watch after the basic image is complete, I jump into some more advanced options.

there are also some follow up tutorials, which you can check out HERE.


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