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Free Creative Tools + Tutorials

The following is a list of articles and tutorials that feature different creative tools and resources.

Canva Tutorials


Free Stock Images & Fonts

Social Media

Outsourcing & More

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FREE Essential Oil Images – Contributor Spotlight – The Enchantress

This is the first of many contributor spotlights I intent to write up.

I think those who share so generously should have a bit of a plug for the amazing products they produce for the Essential Oil Community.

Monica from The Enchantress has made two fantastic contributions to our stock library, they can be located HERE for FREE Download.

The Enchantress creates beautifully detailed cards which feature the ingredients found in essential oils.

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14 Day Social Media Challenge

Get Your FREE 14 Day Social Media Challenge

14 Basic Social Media Prompts + Posting Tips.

No sales funnel, no upsells. 100% No Strings attached.

The downloadable, printable PDF provided featured 14 basic social media posts. They are all posting concepts which are flexible, you may want to move the days around or post slightly different ideas.

The sheets purpose is to get you into the rhythm of posting daily.

Believe me, I know what it’s like to struggle with consistency and commit to daily posting – I still don’t do it on a couple of my pages. The pages that I DO post daily on, the rewards are obvious.

You truly never know what your next viral post will be. It could be a heartfelt story that you plunged deep into your soul to write, or a simple quote will take off.

Its important to have a great amount of content, because those who are truly interested in you…they will scroll your page to find out more.

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Creating Fun Content For Your Essential Oil Business

Finding Fun Content Is Easy!

From Polls, GIFS, Quizzes and funny name lists, the internet has a plethora of content available to utilise on any social media channel.

The struggle isn’t FINDING content, it is CREATING your own content.

In a space with so much noise, it is becoming harder to put your own unique spin on thing.


First You Need The Basic Skill Of Creation.

You do not need to be a professional, My Canva Tutorial will get you started.

If you cannot grasp the art of creation, even using templates, try video instead.

Play dress ups, shoot from different places, use sparkly backdrops – create your own personal brand of fun.


I encourage you to think about the things you love and do more of it. 

So you love the beach?

You might think thats a pretty boring topic, but there are millions of people out there who love the beach too.

Ever heard the saying “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe?” – It’s true. 


FUN, Doesnt necessarily mean “Funny”

Theres this misconception out there that being fun and creative means making people laugh.

That isn’t the case. You can be fun without being a comedian or a clown.


How can you take something you love and turn it into content? 

It can be a live stream, video, images, stories, blog post….there are endless options.

Write down 5 things you love on a notepad. 

Ask yourself how your business connects to those things.

Does your love of the beach help you win in your business? Talk about it.


Here Are 3 Basic Examples Of Fun Content – All Using Topics I Love


Wizard Themed Essential Oil Image Pack  – I love the Harry Potter series and halloween was right around the corner.



My Love Of Dry Sarcasm + The Occasional Swear Word – This series was inspired by my love of Noni B’s Play school parody *Go The F*ck To Sleep*.

I wanted to use my own personal style of dry sarcasm to create eye catching content featuring diffuser essential oil blend recipes. These images ended up being the most popular piece of content I have created for my EO business so far. So popular that I revamped it to include Roller Recipes (below).



My Love Of Vigilantes, Superheroes + Villains – I’m a huge nerd. In my spare time I tend to Netflix my life away because I am far too invested in heroes + villains. 

I feel like essential oils are the hero for many people. With great education, the products have helped so many people. So my love of comic heroes was easily applied to creating content for my business.




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Repurpose Your Content!

Repurpose ONE Image Using ONE Simple Process.

To repurpose your images you need to know two skills. 

  1. How To Create An Image 
  2. How to Reupload/Resize Images 

If you do not have those skills, learn them before you even fill your brain with what I’m about to show you. 

You can follow a basic tutorial HERE.

The ONE simple process you need to repurpose your image content is to Reupload/Resize. 

This is all you are doing here unless you choose to edit/add things**

You are just repeating this for the different sizes you create. 

Repurpose ONE Image several times.

Step 1:

We started with a Facebook Post.

This was a cute recipe name brought up by a member in the group FREE Essential Oils Social Media Images.

 Step 2:

Using Magic Resize* in Canva, this was then turned into an Instagram Post. 

Tip: To make this easy to read, condense your text by doing things like replacing “and” with “&” and “Minutes to “Mins”

Step 3:

Using Canva, Open up a Pinterest Size Template or your preferable Pin Size. 

Reupload your Instagram image onto a Pin, Edit around the rest.

Alternatively you can just make a new pin – but why take the extra time?

Step 4:

Using Everything you now have, Whip up a blog post. Upload or Embed the images you already have. 

Step 5:

Pin your blog post to Pinterest. If it is a recipe or helpful tip, share it in groups that allow this. 

This is where your repurpose adventure may end, however – look where this took me…You are here right now!

Here are my personal steps from here….

Step 6: Using all of the above images, create an image on “how to repurpose images”.

Step 7: Write a blog post, upload this image – this is where we are now.

Step 8: Create a Pin for the Blog post & create optional extra FB & Instagram images to promote blog post.


Look How I Repurpose ONE Image Into So MANY Different Pieces Of Content

  • Several pieces of content for social media.
  • Two different blog posts (One Essential Oil Recipe & One “How To” digital resource). 
  • Pinterest Pins to produce traffic .
  • Printable Images for cute flyers and cards.
  • Extras: You can even make GIFS and Videos with your images
  • Extras….So many more possibilities, but Ill leave it here for now.

*For Canva NON-Premium Members, Instead of using RESIZE, Just download and Reupload your image into the size you are after.

** A beginner can certainly get away with creating images by just reuploading/resizing – ONE SIMPLE PROCESS ON REPEAT.

If you are intermediate, you may want to edit and add things based on the platform – as you can see in some of my variations here.

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How To Format Your Instagram Stories So They Look Amazing!

Getting Your Instagram Stories To Look Right.

Instagram Stories are a great way to provide a “Daily Digest” of your life, without constantly posting on your main feed.

This is a tip for users who are doing Instagram Stories on a bit of a whim, only relying on your phone. Got a great picture, but it just doesn’t quite fit? Easy fixed.

Using Snapseed’s expand tool provides a way to size up your instagram stories so they fit neatly.

There are “Instagram Story” apps you can use however most creators already have Snapseed on their phone.

For video users, Storeo is another tool I use. Record your story in one hit, and let Storeo chop it up and upload in order.

Those awkward moments when you run out of time while talking are taken care of with Storeo.Ā 

If you are REALLY serious about high quality branded content on Stories, you can jump on your desktop and generate high quality graphics using Pic Monkey, Canva or Photoshop.

I find the easiest way is to drag them straight to the dropbox off the desktop and that way, I can access the story graphics anytime on my phone.

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How To Download Facebook Videos From Private Groups

How To Download Facebook Videos From Private Groups

Let me show you how to download Facebook videos from private groups the easy way!

This is particularly handy for downloading videos which were posted BEFORE the option to save to your camera reel was implemented.

This way is also a great tool for those who are in Virtual Assistant or Social Media management. You can create repurposed content without hassling your client for the original source file.

Why should you download your videos from your private Facebook groups?

Reason 1:

If you have fantastic content posted in your groups you should ALWAYS keep a back up. There have been many cases where groups have just “disappeared” leaving all of your content lost forever.

Reason 2:

This content can be repurposed as Blog posts, Youtube videos and many other great pieces in the future. You can even have your videos transcribed with a service called Transcription Hub or Rev.

Reason 3:Ā Specifically using this method, you can download your videos in the original quality on your desktop. While some PCs allow you to save the file directly from the browser, its often the compressed version.

While some phones also allow you to do this, its then a pain having to transfer the file or bringing it across to your desktop computer through a dropbox. This way – you know it will work every time.Ā 

It’s important to note you should never download content that you are not authorised to re-use.

This tool is designed to retrieve your own content in order to repost it elsewhere.

Download Facebook Videos From Private Groups In Simple Steps 

For those who download a LOT of FB Videos:

  1. Make sure you are running Chrome 
  1. Download the Chrome Extension Toolbar
  1. Go to your video SOURCE URL, hit the download button on your toolbar
  1. Choose the HD version of your video for best quality
  1. Video will start downloading!
  1. Watch the video if you need further instructions on how to use

For those who only download FB Video occasionally:

  1. Make sure you are running Chrome 
  3. Input the source URL of your video and download using the browser version

Need help with the Facebook video source file?

How to get your source file on an iMac:

  1. Make sure right click is enabled in your settings
  2. Go to the video you want to download 
  3. Right click ON the video 
  4. Click “Show Video URL”
  5. Copy the entire URL
  6. If you need more instructions – watch the tutorial
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8 Tips To Take Your Own Product Images With a Smartphone

Take Your Own Product Images.

You don’t HAVE to be a professional photographer. You just need your smartphone!

You can make decent images using a smartphone.

Product photos have to be presentable. Sometimes creating a unique image (something that hasn’t been seen before) will help you stand out against the same stock photos that other brands use.

Some of the images below are available for FREE USE in my Facebook Group.

When your on holiday…but you took your why not?

This goes for any product, sometimes the product is you!

I carry a Fisheye Lens and a Selfie light in my car at all times, while I rarely use them – having them pays off when lighting is really low.

(I also carry a GoPro Hero 6 – but Im vlogging nerd who loves to keep memories of everything I do. It has created some great content!)

In the home, I use two large photography lights. These fold away when Im not using them.

Flatlays for days…..

8 Tips For Taking Your Own Images

Tip 1: Face the light towards your product, but aim your smartphone downwards, on an angle, when taking photos so your arm shadow doesn’t appear in your final images.

Tip 2: Have you got an outdoor shoot? When taking pictures in public, don’t worry about what others think, if they aren’t in the photo what is it to them.

The Empires Poppin When the Cedarwoods Droppin

Tip 3: Experiment, I have taken some great images of products underwater (of course, they have to be waterproof items)

Tip 4: For 360 Social Media Pictures, use Panorama Mode and upload directly from your phone with the 360 option turned on.

Why not try the Facebook 3D mode if you have a newer model smartphone?

Tip 5: Are you an Essential Oil business owner? Save your empty bottles for when you want to create photographic content!.

Tip 6: To edit, use an app like Snapseed and wrap the entire shoot up on your phone to save time. This also costs less that a photoshop membership.

Tip 7: Transfer your entire shoot to a USB Stick, Dropbox and/or Google Drive for safekeeping.

Tip 8: Take more photos than you think you need! Trust me, in 4 months time you will wish you had variations for posting across social media platforms.

Bonus Tip: If you are really serious about creating a content bank for the next few months, consider a lighting kit and some flatlay props.

I often use props like Kmart placemats as backgrounds and my full lighting kit is from Aliexpress.

Want Full Access To Un-Watermarked Versions Of These Product Images? 

The whole lot are available in HD including Printable flyers and ebooks at the Essential Oils Image Hub

Happy Holidays! Don’t Forget To Take Your Oils With You!
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The Stranger Things Font Generator. Strangify All The Things!

Strangify All The Things!

The nostalgic Stranger Things font is a spin off from the iconic Stephen King title font.

Nelson Cash has created Make It Stranger, a text-generator that lets users write anything in the ā€˜80s retro font.



You can Strangify Your Own Designs

The Stranger Things font used for the title of the Netflix smash hit TV series is a customised version of ITC Benguiat


I used the Stranger Things font generator to theme up some of my Doterra Essential Oil blend recommendations.

The Stranger Things Font Generator would be perfect for creating Invitations to a Stranger Things, 80’s Pop Culture theme party.




See the font evolve into the official Stranger Things version HERE and get an insight in the development of the final product.



Have fun with your DIY Stranger Things creations!

To change the size of your final download I recommend Re-Uploading into Canva to adjust for your social media platforms.