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CANVA Tutorials | Beginners Basics

Every Canva Tutorial On This Website! 

My canva tutorials were designed with Doterra Wellness Advocates in mind, HOWEVER – anyone can watch and learn.

They focus on very basic projects and answer some of the most commonly asked questions in our social media facebook groups.

Canva Tutorial 1: START HERE

Creating a basic 3 layer image using Canva.

This is the most popular tutorial which gives a basic overview of create an image with different elements and text.

Canva Tutorial 2: LOGO BASICS

A logo doesn’t have to be fancy, some of the most elegant logos are a classic black font on a white background. If you can’t invest in a Graphic Designer, consider doing your own Logo.

Canva Tutorial 3: DIY WATERMARKING

A DIY Watermark will do the job if you are looking for a subtle way to protect your content.

It can be as simple as turning the transparency of your logo down or creating a specific watermark consisting of plain text, numbers or other images. 



Reupload content into Canva to create different images for differenplatforms. Learn how to utilise the same piece of content several times.


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Tutorial 3: Create a Watermark Using Canva

create a watermark

“Help! I need to create a watermark!

How to create a watermark comes up a lot in any social community.

Photographers and artists generally have the skills and programs to professionally watermark their images, but it isn’t a process that many want to go through for every social media post.

I personally wouldn’t watermark everything I put out, but I can definitely relate to the feeling of wanting some things to have a little extra protection.

What is a Watermark?

I don’t want to give you the impression that Watermarks are magical stamps that somehow prevent your content from being misused.

1. Watermarks won’t stop your content from being reposted.

Watermarks are a little peace of mind. In the event you have to issue a DMCA takedown notice, you have the extra backup of proof the content is yours.

2. Watermarks are not Branding

Watermarks are meant to be subtle. If your content is reposted without permission, you can point out the faint watermark as proof of creation.

Branding is very clear in your images. When you see an advertisement for Coke or Ikea, it is clearly branded. Branding can still work as ownership, but some images don’t suit a heavily branded aesthetic.

Having a watermark on your images shouldn’t detract from your message or creativity. You can see a professional example of a watermark and how it is hidden in the artwork, HERE.

Use Canva to create a watermark. It’s quick & easy.

If you already have a professional logo, you can use this as a watermark.

In this tutorial I show you how to make a watermark which you can keep on hand in your Canva library.

There are different style of Watermarks and it comes down to preference.

Some examples of watermarks are:

  • Using your business logo
  • Using plain text, eg (C) @KateShelby
  • Custom embossed watermark

If watermarks are just for peace of mind on your social media images, I recommend using your logo of some basic text with the transparency turned right down.

Create a Watermark Using Canva

5 Step process to create a watermark is easy, fast and FREE

  1. Create or Upload Your Image
  2. Upload Your Logo (or use plain text)
  3. Place the logo (or text) in the desired area of your image
  4. Turn the transparency down until it is a subtle shade
  5. Download your image and post to social media

There are other options to place watermarks onto your images. Programs such as Powerpoint, Photoshop, and GIMP all have Watermark options.

These are more complicated, and really not necessary if it is just social media watermarking you are after.

There are other images you may want to protect using Watermarks,

  • Self Taken Stock Images
  • Personal Brand
  • Travel + Culinary Photos
  • Preview of Digital Art

Choose your battles, some things are not worth stressing over when it comes to the native resharing of content.

Photographers, Artists and Digital Creators

There are a lot of online gallery options out there which give you the option of turning on an automatic watermark, you could then screenshot these for social media posts.

Deviant Art is a platform which allows Watermarking of an entire gallery within its display options.

You can use the standard DA watermark or pre-upload a watermark file to apply to your whole gallery, this saves manually watermarking every image.

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Creating a Super Basic Button Logo In Canva

Design Your Own Super Basic Transparent Logo In Canva

Making a Transparent Logo In Canva:

You will need premium Canva, simply choose PNG download and tick the “Transparent” box before downloading.


No Premium Canva? Removing Your Own Background:

You will need to choose dark button colours if you are removing your own background, you can then upload to LunaPic.

You can either crop the logo or use the transparent background removal tool.

Alternatively some services charge $1 per picture for background removal, this is cheaper than the $10 monthly fee of Canva if you rarely use the service.



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Easy Canva Tutorial For New Users

Canva Tutorial

Canva Tutorial 1: Create Basic 3 Layer Images

This Canva Tutorial is a really basic approach to creating social media content.

The Canva Tutorial on the platform is great, but overwhelming for new members when they sign up. 

Ditch the frustrations and take it right back to basics.

For a lot of people, Canva is best used by taking baby steps for the first few images. 

Canva Tutorial
Just a few people who enjoyed the tutorial!

Clean and basic often wins the social media game.

Don’t overthink your social media. Personal brands achieve growth through authentic connections with their audience.

You don’t need to create an image that is the equivalent of the next Ikea advertisement to win on social media.

Say true to yourself.

In this Canva Tutorial, I create a really basic image for Facebook with three layers.

You can continue to watch after the basic image is complete, I jump into some more advanced options.

there are also some follow up tutorials, which you can check out HERE.


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