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How To Promote Yourself In A Group Without Being Annoying AF

How To Promote Yourself In A Group Without Being Annoying AF

So you’ve joined a network marketing company or you have your own company. It might seem like a good idea to join as many groups as possible and drop your business spiel in every single one over a 24 hour period. Business will be booming after that right? Wrong. Dead wrong.

Your posts will be deleted and some of the groups will ban you. Members will be rolling their eyes thinking “not this shit again”….it’s only the 57th post from a Arbonne or “It work’s” rep this week.

The thing is when you get all spammy up in other peoples shit, you do a massive disservice to the product you are so passionate about.

It’s a stupid way to market yourself. If you are in business of the long haul, you need to shake off such a generic and mundane marketing technique.

I know you are not stupid, you are just watching what other people do. The fact you have launched your own business say’s you are an intelligent, confident woman (or man) ready to make your mark. Let me help you.

There was once a time where I would get these “typical” spiels in my inbox, I would spend a few minutes replying with a spiel of my own.

I was met with defensive attitude EVERY TIME. Hmmm, so you like to email me and tell me what I could be doing to create financial freedom – but you don’t want to accept advice in return?

Interesting and not the kind of attitude I would expect from a woman building a small powerhouse of wealth and freedom.

So here goes….

  • Stop the spammy bullshit now. Just stop it. 
  • Pick two very large groups. 
  • Network like you give a shit
  • Develop sustainable relationships in multiple niche areas

I seem to be extremely time poor of late and I miss group networking. The positive effect of being in a huge group and interacting as much as possible is you end up frequently in the top posts.

People get to know you, they frequently engage with you. You will make friendships that lead to opportunity.

This is how my friendship and working relationship grew with Kat Abianac.

Kat & I often interacted with each others posts in a large group called Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine.

I have made many friends in this group and had so many opportunities. 

I want to make it clear that at no point have I ever advertised my services in that group, yet I’ve had countless emails asking me If I would provide paid services.

Although Kat and I have crossed paths previously, this is what strengthened our communication. We have since been working together on three seperate projects – all successful in the last 6 months.

I have connected with PR’s and other writers who have connections in an industry I would otherwise not be able to get into, this is what networking is about.

Group networking isn’t direct selling. Think of group networking very similar to social media, you have to grow your audience with great content first.

Great networking relationships improve business, open doors and strengthen your knowledge base. You will get far more value interacting than dropping your douchey spiel and leaving.

I have individual affiliate articles converting $100+ each month, the success I owe to having a group networking relationship with the business owners.

They went above and beyond to provide me with what I needed to make my affiliate funnel project a successful one.

I can go on all day about the many open doors I have experienced by not being a typically annoying salesy group member, but I think you get the point.

Did you know I said I would never join an MLM ever again after trying AVON many years ago?

Recently I enrolled in DoTERRA and I bend over backwards to help people strengthen their business model. This is why I’m writing this, because this all stemmed from group networking.

This applies to all areas, wether you are promoting your blog, business or social media. There is a way to be an authentic user, always.

When you get things right, your ship starts sailing and it feels SO DAMN GOOD.

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Promote Your Australian Facebook Giveaway For Free

Promote Your Facebook Giveaway For Free

List Of Groups Who Allow Promotion Of Your Social Media Or Blog Giveaway

Finding competitions online that are exclusive to Australia can be hard. We have some huge online competition and giveaway listing sites but a lot of them require payment from brands to list a giveaway. This means you are missing out on loads of listings from smaller brands & bloggers who just want to make themselves known!

There are several groups on Facebook you can find unique competition listings. For bloggers looking for places to promote giveaways, these groups are fantastic. For Comp Lovers you will have an abundance of giveaways to enter.

Tip: When promoting your giveaway always include the Expiry, you will find often admins will often bump your listing if you include the details without them having to click to find out.

We have a very new but growing Competition Club Here where Daily Giveaways are listed.


Australian Freebies – Samples, Offers + Competitions

This Group has over 15.5K Members and welcomes Comps, Free Samples and Trial offer listings. You will not be accepted into this group if you do not show you are from Australia in your profile. Join This Group HERE

Competition Junkie Australia

This group has 1,100+ members and is for sharing as many giveaways as possible. You will find lots of active compers camped out here. Join The group HERE.

Australian Competitions & Freebies

A small group with 500+ Members. Relaxed rules for those looking to promote competitions. Join this group HERE.

I Love To Win

A small group hosted by an active member of the blogging community. This group has 200+ members and is for sharing and promoting giveaways in Australia. Join the group HERE.

Aussie Blog Giveaways

A small group with 100+ Members. This group is specifically to help blogger share giveaways that would not usually be accepted by large comp sites. Join HERE.

Giveaways & Competitions Australia

Another small but active group which allows you to share giveaways you have found or promote your own Australian giveaways. Join the group HERE.


This article was originally published at Australian Mum

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Why Are Reddit Users So Damn Savage?

Why Are Reddit Users So Damn Savage?

Think of Reddit as that one corner of the internet that isn’t overrun with advertisements. Reddit users want to keep it that way.

Reddit isn’t for the thin skinned. There’s no point getting completely butthurt when you are banned from a sub, downvoted or told your content is shit.

Take it as a favour. Reddit users are brutally honest, they don’t fuck around. If your content isn’t welcome, you’re going to hear about it.


So how do you successfully get your links onto Reddit?

Start practising a degree of “reddiquette”.

That’s easy. Your content needs to be original, unique, helpful, interesting AND in the right god damn subreddit.

If a Subreddit says no websites or blogs, as attractive as it might seem, don’t even bother.

Your first priority for Reddit needs to be to authentically help people, not just post for traffic.

That might mean making them laugh, teaching Reddit users something or supporting a certain cause.


For instance, Blogging. If you write about Blogging, get onto those blogging Sub Reddit and start sharing your knowledge. Be helpful. When you post a link it will be one action among the many others which didn’t involve self-promoting your own blog.


Image:Felix Russell-Saw

Do you want to build authority on Reddit?

When I say authority, I mean being a respected and known user. Someone who’s content can be trusted.The average Reddit user is Male, between the ages of 35-44. Keep that in mind when you are posting content that is geared toward women in a populated Sub Reddit. If there is NO subreddit for your post which allows a website, natively post it.  Don’t hold out on the audience just because it won’t get you a link click.


This is why Reddit users are so savage.

Reddit users smell a self promoting tool from a mile away. Reddit is one of the few corners of the internet who loathe corporate advertising, link baiting, sales promo & pure attention seeking post activity.

While you can get ahead on Facebook & Instagram through networking and having contacts share your work. Reddit doesn’t give a shit about who you know!


If Your Content Gets Onto A Big Subreddit, it’s a great sign.

If you can get your content accepted and appreciated on a big subreddit, it’s a great sign you are producing work that people want to read. So while some people think Reddit is a nasty cesspool at the bottom of the internet barrel – it’s not so different from any other social media platform. Except its sticking the finger up to having sponsored websites shoved down your throat every 30 seconds, like Facebook.


Stay Savage Reddit.


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So You Want Incredible FREE No Attribution Images?

FREE No Attribution images are available in many spaces on the internet.

But how do you find images which are soul touching, mesmerising? Pictures that actually compliment your social media. Using images from a Google search is not worth the risk. I Repeat… RISK!

Years ago a friend of mine received a demand for a large sum of money for using a picture owned by Getty Images. This is when I realised nobody is too small or under the radar to get busted for copyright. Thankfully there are good people who serve the digital community by donating imagery for your needs.

No Attribution means you do not have to give credit. However, I still prefer to credit my images. I see it as a thanks and also at times, a networking tool. Who doesn’t need a photographer in their circle? Give your artist credit and they may even share your post.

Incredible FREE No Attribution Images


The images here are free download, no attribution required. This is a special little corner of the internet that has my heart. The Unsplashed platform is what prompted me to write this article. The images here will save you time and time again when you have a dry pool on content.


Unsplash Image



Other Image Platforms – Some Will Require Attribution On Artists Request


All contents are released under Creative Commons CC0, which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist. Pixabay has a huge variety and is particularly great for raw images such as plants, vegetables, herbs and wellness ingredients.

If you are looking for a variation of FREE images for DoTERRA, some of these have been provided by request. You can download an album full of basic graphics and templates HERE. Please return the thanks by following my page.


Image: Pixabay



Ryan Mcguire:

Don’t forget the little guy! Unique style & Flair. Ryan offers a select amount of photos available for no-attribution and no copyright.

Ryan Mcguire : No Attribution Stock Images


Pexels has a very wide range of pictures which are available for personal and commercial use. You can modify, copy and distribute the photos for free.


A vast array of modern, colourful photographs. Many natural photos including cityscapes & nature.



Splitshire has a predominatly darker, street feel to the photos on offer. SplitShire has over 2.000,000 downloads on offer. You can freely download and use for personal an commercial purposes.

SplitShire Black Wedding Image

Although there are more services out there, these are my favourite. They are reliable and offer different styles of pictures. Pixabay, Pexels and some of the others also offer video loops. The Pixabay loops are my go to for short video content marketing production.

The next step after collecting your free images is where to edit them? If you don’t have the skills for photoshop and just need something for basic edits, Canva is your best option. More on that soon.


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How Did A Stoner Like Jay Wessman Teach Me To SEO?

Jay Wessman

Jay Wessman, The Lazy Ass Stoner, Taught Me To SEO. 

Before I talk about Jay Wessman, I want to mention I’m not an expert at SEO.

When I started blogging I quickly realised developing my social media strategy would take some time. There had to be some other way to build a traffic base that doesn’t rely on Facebook or Instagram.

Gaining traffic from Social media requires a lot more than technical skills, it requires passion, consistency, showing up daily and delivering excellent content. 

I wanted something that would produce reliable traffic while I worked on building my social media base.

The Benefits of SEO

If I want to have a few days off, my blog traffic isn’t going to die. I needed this peace of mind for myself so I immediately started learning the basics of Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO helps you specifically target the uptime customer. They are looking for something, you have the answer for.


When I started researching SEO, It was overwhelming.

So many courses, experts, content to delve into.

How do you know which to listen to or follow? I can’t answer this for you because it’s different for everyone.

For me the key was finding someone that stripped SEO right down to basics and delivered instructions in a really casual way.

Once I found education that worked for me, it was like a light bulb switched on inside of my head.


My Light Bulb Moment Was Watching Jay Wessman, The Lasy Ass Stoner.

Jay Wessman has very old content.

Some of his tactics no longer apply or are considered risky in 2017. It’s up to you to update your knowledge base on which SEO methods are being used today.

MOZ is a great place to start for up to date information.

Jay Wessmans SEO videos are still relevant because he pulls everything back to core.

His videos offer a really basic delivery system and a no BS approach to SEO. Once I had the basics down, I was ready to move onto the SEO courses that until this point, I couldn’t wrap my head around.


Im Serious! Jay Wessman, The Lazy Ass Stoner Really Did Teach Me SEO

I promised when I started this blog I would talk about some of the unconventional ways I have expanded my knowledge base.

I wouldn’t call Jay Wessman unconventional, but I know plenty of people wouldn’t even consider learning something from someone who is so visibly chillaxed during his videos.

Chillaxed meaning…stoned.


SEO isn’t the only thing Jay has provided instructional videos for.

The Lazy Ass Stoner also talks about starting a website from scratch using WordPress, viral marketing techniques, Pinterest marketing & more.

Jay’s video called “SEO For Noobs” is still by far my favourite out of everything he has done.


In case you didn’t notice, this article as a very basic SEO example for the keyword “Jay Wessman”. 

You won’t see Jay Wessman actively on Lazy Ass stoner today as he has moved onto other projects. 


The Lazy Ass Stoner still continues to attract people looking to understand the basic principles or SEO.


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The Best Facebook Group For Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest group boards have the ability to grow your reach enormously.

Pinterest group boards are the vital to getting your pins out there.

I have devoted around 30 – 40 mins each week to Pinterest. This includes pinning other peoples content & networking to find new boards. This investment has paid off with around 6% – 10% of my daily traffic being from Pinterest. May not sound like a lot, but the traffic coming through often share my articles to Facebook – creating even MORE visitors.

If you invest the right amount of time into Pinterest & apply a solid strategy you can achieve thousands of visitors per day.


Finding group boards can be the tricky part.

Relying on Pinterest only means you are often stuck emailing board owners and waiting for their response. I get excited when I find a really great board, only to see it’s been closed to new contributors.

Theres an amazing group on Facebook which has made it so much easier to connect with Pinterest Group Board owners AND find great collaborators to pin with.


Pinterest Group Boards On Facebook 

This Facebook group has daily requests for different types of boards. It is a very relaxed environment with people free to connect with each other. I have gone from being on small group boards to larger boards with up to 30 – 70K followers.


This Group Has Over 8000+ Members

Before you join, make sure you have your blog name in your Facebook Bio or you will not be accepted.

I’m not affiliated with this group at all, I just want to pay it forward by letting other Pinners know it’s out there!

When posting a group board it is best to provide not only the link of your board, but also the email you use for Pinterest.

Tailwind Users: There are plenty of Tailwind users in this group to connect with who have formed Tailwind Tribes.


Pinterest group boards


Other Pinterest Groups On Facebook

Pinterest Group Board Add

Pinterest Pals

Easy Pinterest Traffic


If you came across this article while looking for group boards on Pinterest, Feel free to drop the type of board you are looking for in the comments.

If I have a group board I can add you to, I will reply with the link. Happy pinning!


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Ultimate Guide To The Best Blog Link Ups

Blog Link Ups

Bloggers Guide To The Best Link Ups

What Are Blog Link Ups?

Blog link ups are a free and easy way to promote your blog. A Blog Link up is a great support tool to use, particularly when you are in the early stages of blogging. The connections and communication you will make with the other bloggers in the link up can be very rewarding.

The Rules Of A Blog Link Up:

Blog Link Ups have different sets of rules, so if they ask that you engage with others, it’s best to respect that.


The Benefits Of Engaging Within A Blog Link Up:

Network & Make Connections

Become Inspired

Find great content to share

Enjoy traffic when you walk away from your computer

Introduce yourself, maybe you will need a guest blogger in the future?


Hints & Tips For Blog Link Ups:

Link articles that are highly relevant

Choose your best content

Engage with others who have relevant content


List Updates: Anything that isn’t listed on BOLD has not been checked for 3 months. Feel free to let me know if you find any closed link ups. If you have a link up you would like listed, contact me on Facebook.


The Big List Of Blog Link Ups & Linky Parties 



All Mum Said – Mummy Mondays

Any topic goes. Share on social media using the hashtag – #MummyMondays

Tin Box Traveller – Monday Escapes

Monday Escapes is a place to link up your travel memories

B Loved Boston -Weekending

A Blog Link Up dedicated to what you got up to on the weekend

Simple Wife Of A Fire Life  – Inspire Me Mondays

Family Friendly Posts Parenting/Recipes/DIY

This Chaotic Bliss – Homeschool Nook

All Things Homeschool

The Life Of Faith – Mommy Moments

Post can include anything related to mommy-hood, children, homemaking, pregnancy etc

Create With Joy  – Inspire Me Mondays

This blog Link Up is for anything related to DIY/Craft/Recipes

The Modest Mom Blog – Modest Mondays

Topics include: modesty, being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, cooking, sewing, etc.

My Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia – Inspire Me Monday

Blog Link Up dedicated to DIY/Home/Crafts

Lisa’s Creative Designs – Make Yourself At Home Blog

Blog Link Up For Homemaking/DIY/Craft

Imperfectly Perfect Mama – Mama Blog Monday

Topics include recipes, tips, DIY projects, or parenting advice.

Adventures Of London Wiki – Monthly Travel Linkup 

Monthly Travel Blog Link Up runs from 1 – 7th of each month.

Making Our Life Matter – Topic Link Up

Welcomes Recipe & Home tips but also runs by topic I.E. “Back To School”

Org Junkie – Menu Plan Monday 

Meal & Menu Planning Blog Link UP

A Fresh Start On A Budget – Motivational Monday

Anything goes. Recipes, DIR, Home , Life

My Little Shop Of Treasures – You’re the Star Link Party

Craft/DIY – Occasional Themed Link Up



Kylie Purtell & Essentially Jess – “I Blog On Tuesdays”

Australian Blog – Anything goes, Quite an active Blog Link Up.

Wandermum – City Tripping  (Returns September 5th)

Travelling In The City & Metro Adventures Blog Link up

Teaching What Is Good

Totally Terrific Tuesdays

Nap-time Creations – Create Link Inspire

Link up your Recipes, DIY, Craft and Sewing Projects

Totally Terrific Tuesday

Let’s Be Friends Blog Hop

LouLou Girls Fabulous Party Kid Friendly Only

One Project at a Time

Hearth and Soul Hop Link Party

Style Sessions Fashion Link Up – Fashion & Style

Turn It Up Tuesdays – Open Slather

Tutorials & Tips Link Party

TrekkingThru the Week – Christian Faith

Twinkly Tuesday

Two Cup Tuesday – Recipes Only



Mumma Morrison – Hump Day Hype (Currently On Hiatus)

Australian Blogger – Almost anything goes

Pat & Candy – Coffee and Conversation Link Party

Social Family Articles – parenting, homeschooling, marriage, recipes, DIY, saving money

Recipes That Crock – Whatcha Crockin’ Wednesdays

This blog link up is for recipes & crock pot cooking

Happily Ever After Etc – Welcome Home Wednesdays

This blog is a homaking/DIY/Organsation/Decor but for the Link Up Anything Goes

Makeovers & Motherhood – Welcome Party Wednesday

Often This Link Up Is By Topics E.G. “Apple Recipes”

The Pleated Poppy – What I Wore 

Fashion & Style – only link outfit related posts.

Our Three Peas – Wine’d Down Wednesday

Use the hash tag #wineddown when sharing


Gingersnap Crafts – WOW Me Wednesday 

Share something you have made

Bringing Up Georgia – #fortheloveofBLOG


The Homesteader Hop – Home/Gardening/Cooking/Country Living

Inspire Me Wednesday

Link It Up Wednesday

A Books & More – Picture Perfect Party Linky 

Picture Posts Only (Articles with Picture feed and minimal text)

Shopping My Closet – Style Me Wednesday 

Fashion & Style Links Only

What A Wonderful World – Wanderful Wednesday

Travel Articles Only



Share Your Style Homemaking/Recipes/Decor

Joyful Homemaking – Think Tank Thursday

Anything you have made I.E. Recipe, Art/Craft, DIY

The Mommyhood Moments – Thoughtful Thursday LinkUp 

Family Social – No Profanity. Monthly Link Up

Being a Wordsmith – Traffic Jam Weekend  

This linky party is all about linking up your old posts so you can get some new comments and traffic.

Crafts a la mode – What to do Weekends

This is a Craft/DIY/Recipe Etc Link Up

Bebe Voyage – Family Travel LinkUp

Travelling With Your Kiddies – Posts must be about traveling with children.

Mommynificent – Booknificent Thursday Link Up Party

Book Party. This link party is all about sharing how books are impacting you

Creative K Kids’ – Thoughtful Thursdays

homemaking/ homeschooling, devotional or biblical posts

Try it- Like it – Creatively Crafty Link Party

Link up something YOU made/wrote/created.

Ducks n a Row – Recipe Sharing Party

Recipes Only – Hasn’t posted since June

miz helens country cottage – Full Plate Thursday

Recipes/Cooking Blog Link Up

Only Taste Matters – Allergy-Free Thursdays

Gluten Free Recipes Only – Hasn’t posted since January



BFF Open House

Creative Collection

Family Fun Favorite

FanDay Friday Link Party (Thurs 10p) – family friendly

Fit and Fashionable Friday – fitness and fashion

Flaunt It Friday

Food Friday – anything food related (not only recipes)

Funtastic Friday Link Party

High Five Friday

Home Matters Linky Party

NO RULES Weekend Blog Party

Off-Fridays Mental Illness Blog Share (every other Friday) – mental health themed

Photo Friday (Thurs 8p)

Pretty Pintastic Party

The Weekly Postcard – All things travel

Ultimate Pinterest Party (12p CST)

Weekend Wind Down Link Party

Weekly Wrap-Up Homeschooling


Raising Memories – Sharing Time Linky

Blog link up for DIY/Kids/Home projects

Open Slather – Anything Goes at One Mother Hen

Anything Goes – Australian Website

Deep Fried Fruit – Lovin Life Linky My Monthly Loves

Your favourite post for the month – Anything goes.

 Brilliant Blog Posts – Honest Mum Blog Link Up

Uk Blogger – Anything goes.

Vivid Marketing – Social Media Success Stories.

A Link Up For Social Media Success Stories

Blended Life Happy Wife – All For Mamas Link Party

Jembellish – Round The Tuit

Fearless Family Travel – Travel Posts Only

Dare to Share

Make My Saturday Sweet

Our Mini Linky Party

Saturday Sparks Link Party

Saturday Sharefest



Hodge Podge Moments – Bloggy Brunch

Bloggy Brunch is a monthly link up where bloggers are invited to link up their favorite posts from the month

Denise Designed – Sunday Features

Link up your favorite home decor, DIY, craft, or recipe.

Miss Sippi Piddlin – Weekly Wrap

Sunday Fitness and Food Linkup

Please Share Me On Pinterest! I Value Your Support.

blog link up


More link ups will be added over time.

Did you find a broken link?

Let me know in the comments so I can keep this list up to date for the blogging community.

For Australia Only Link Ups, Visit HERE