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The Easy Way To Create A Consistent Instagram Aesthetic

The Easy Way To Create A Consistent Instagram Aesthetic

Creating a consistent Instagram Aesthetic isn’t hard. Within a few basic steps, you can have your feed looking unique to your brand.

Once your decisions around aesthetic and branding are made – they will be easy to stick to. You can then put your focus where it needs to be – creating the actual content.

New Features Have Changed The Game For Instagram

Let’s have a look at what Instagram was like before stories and IG Live features were introduced.

There would be pictures you wanted to show your audience, but sticking to a curated feed guideline – you would continually be holding back.

You couldn’t post spur of the moment pictures or random thoughts of the day, because it would mess up your feed. You can now break through the superficial barrier and give people more!


Feature Your Best Content 

Your image gallery is the “welcome mat” for people who visit. Think of your image feed as your content hall of fame.

You want to blow peoples minds when they arrive, then connect with them through stories so they stay. You have probably heard the hardships around the Instagram Algorithm, be a great player on the field and it won’t matter.

Do Bloggers & Influencers Need To Curate?

Many of us with blogger profiles – including myself – avoid curating a feed. It can be difficult to tell whether putting the work into a strong aesthetic will pay off. For any brand selling a product, I strongly recommend it.

For influencers & bloggers, your social accounts will still benefit from the same style, but it isn’t just images that do the work. You can take a lot from this E-book, or just a little.

Consistency isn’t always 100% imagery based. 

It’s important to remember consistency isn’t always imagery based. So while I’m giving you the basic tips you need to create a consistent and aesthetically pleasing feed, it is up to you to empower and entertain your audience.

Instagram’s new features mean you can utilise several different strategies to connect with your followers, it’s no longer riding entirely on that one picture you post each day (or 2…3)

The Easy Way To Create A Consistent Instagram Aesthetic

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