Stop Fighting With Canva & Enjoy 1000+ Of Essential Oil Custom Images For $99

Hundreds Of Custom Images For Your Essential Oil Business


One of the biggest hurdles when building an essential oil business is creating images that POP!

Being new to Canva can be overwhelming, I have created a huge hub of images to help you.

Let me do the tedious, time consuming work for you while you connect personally with your audience.

I create basic, beautiful images in Canva.

I provide you with hundreds of images to use, I also give you the templates so you can create your own.

I have been designing my own marketing content for years, you do not need a costly graphic designer for a series of fun, creative social media images.

People favor clean, simple, easy to read designs.Ā 

In the Essential Oils Image hub you will receive hundreds of different designs!

These designs are created to attract the interest of your ideal customer.

The designs and templates on offer are not created with stock images of branded bottles.

The images I create are not catalogue pictures, you can get those anywhere.

My designs are for social media, content marketing and connection building with your followers.

You Will Save Hundreds Of Hours

If you are struggling with using Canva, this will save you a crazy amount of time!

Even if you choose to add your own spark to a design, you have hundreds of templates waiting for you.

All of the designs are attribution free with sizing options for all social media platforms.

This Image Hub is updated every week until July 2018

The image hub is located on Facebook & Offers higher resolution downloads through Dropbox.

Throughout the next year images will be added based on community suggestions, so you will never have to feel like we aren’t offering what you need.

For $99 Social Media For Your Essential Oil Business Will Be Sorted




What You Will Get Access To:

  • Access to hundreds of designs for your social media & website
  • Compliant images with no trademark & proprietary blend issues
  • Unique blend themes & creative ideas
  • Series of hints, recipes & tips using creative designs
  • Fresh updates every month with new images
  • LOADS of templates you can customise to your business
  • Promotional Material For Holiday Events, including Christmas
  • Templates for Sales Events such as BOGO
  • Images which have been tested and proven to receive high engagement with your followers.
  • Bonus Video Material
  • Non-specific Essential Oil Pictures for when you need non-sales content
  • Templates to create your own quotes and personal sayings
  • Basic support throughout the next 6 months