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How To Format Your Instagram Stories So They Look Amazing!

Getting Your Instagram Stories To Look Right.

Instagram Stories are a great way to provide a “Daily Digest” of your life, without constantly posting on your main feed.

This is a tip for users who are doing Instagram Stories on a bit of a whim, only relying on your phone. Got a great picture, but it just doesn’t quite fit? Easy fixed.

Using Snapseed’s expand tool provides a way to size up your instagram stories so they fit neatly.

There are “Instagram Story” apps you can use however most creators already have Snapseed on their phone.

For video users, Storeo is another tool I use. Record your story in one hit, and let Storeo chop it up and upload in order.

Those awkward moments when you run out of time while talking are taken care of with Storeo. 

If you are REALLY serious about high quality branded content on Stories, you can jump on your desktop and generate high quality graphics using Pic Monkey, Canva or Photoshop.

I find the easiest way is to drag them straight to the dropbox off the desktop and that way, I can access the story graphics anytime on my phone.