6 PACK Unicorn Atomisers 8ml | 5ml


Unicorn Atomisers are named after their vibrant ombre neon colours.

These Glass Atomisers are designed to hold 5 – 8mls of liquid.



Quantity: 6 Pack Of Unicorn Atomisers

Volume: 8ml or 5ml Option

Item Type: Refillable Atomizer Bottles

Sprayer: Plastic

Bottle: Glass

Dimensions: Approx 10 x 1.4cm

Colour: Sent at random, feel free to request colour via replying to order email.



  1. Remove the Sprayer insert
  2. Preferably with a funnel fill with the required amount of liquid/essential oil
  3. Replace the sprayer and screw tight.
  4. You can now take your favorite scent anywhere you go!

TIP: Apply a label so you don’t forget which oil is in each bottle.



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5ml, 8ml