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How To Promote Yourself In A Group Without Being Annoying AF

How To Promote Yourself In A Group Without Being Annoying AF

So you’ve joined a network marketing company or you have your own company. It might seem like a good idea to join as many groups as possible and drop your business spiel in every single one over a 24 hour period. Business will be booming after that right? Wrong. Dead wrong.

Your posts will be deleted and some of the groups will ban you. Members will be rolling their eyes thinking “not this shit again”….it’s only the 57th post from a Arbonne or “It work’s” rep this week.

The thing is when you get all spammy up in other peoples shit, you do a massive disservice to the product you are so passionate about.

It’s a stupid way to market yourself. If you are in business of the long haul, you need to shake off such a generic and mundane marketing technique.

I know you are not stupid, you are just watching what other people do. The fact you have launched your own business say’s you are an intelligent, confident woman (or man) ready to make your mark. Let me help you.

There was once a time where I would get these “typical” spiels in my inbox, I would spend a few minutes replying with a spiel of my own.

I was met with defensive attitude EVERY TIME. Hmmm, so you like to email me and tell me what I could be doing to create financial freedom – but you don’t want to accept advice in return?

Interesting and not the kind of attitude I would expect from a woman building a small powerhouse of wealth and freedom.

So here goes….

  • Stop the spammy bullshit now. Just stop it. 
  • Pick two very large groups. 
  • Network like you give a shit
  • Develop sustainable relationships in multiple niche areas

I seem to be extremely time poor of late and I miss group networking. The positive effect of being in a huge group and interacting as much as possible is you end up frequently in the top posts.

People get to know you, they frequently engage with you. You will make friendships that lead to opportunity.

This is how my friendship and working relationship grew with Kat Abianac.

Kat & I often interacted with each others posts in a large group called Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine.

I have made many friends in this group and had so many opportunities. 

I want to make it clear that at no point have I ever advertised my services in that group, yet I’ve had countless emails asking me If I would provide paid services.

Although Kat and I have crossed paths previously, this is what strengthened our communication. We have since been working together on three seperate projects – all successful in the last 6 months.

I have connected with PR’s and other writers who have connections in an industry I would otherwise not be able to get into, this is what networking is about.

Group networking isn’t direct selling. Think of group networking very similar to social media, you have to grow your audience with great content first.

Great networking relationships improve business, open doors and strengthen your knowledge base. You will get far more value interacting than dropping your douchey spiel and leaving.

I have individual affiliate articles converting $100+ each month, the success I owe to having a group networking relationship with the business owners.

They went above and beyond to provide me with what I needed to make my affiliate funnel project a successful one.

I can go on all day about the many open doors I have experienced by not being a typically annoying salesy group member, but I think you get the point.

Did you know I said I would never join an MLM ever again after trying AVON many years ago?

Recently I enrolled in DoTERRA and I bend over backwards to help people strengthen their business model. This is why I’m writing this, because this all stemmed from group networking.

This applies to all areas, wether you are promoting your blog, business or social media. There is a way to be an authentic user, always.

When you get things right, your ship starts sailing and it feels SO DAMN GOOD.