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Why Are Reddit Users So Damn Savage?

Why Are Reddit Users So Damn Savage?

Think of Reddit as that one corner of the internet that isn’t overrun with advertisements. Reddit users want to keep it that way.

Reddit isn’t for the thin skinned. There’s no point getting completely butthurt when you are banned from a sub, downvoted or told your content is shit.

Take it as a favour. Reddit users are brutally honest, they don’t fuck around. If your content isn’t welcome, you’re going to hear about it.


So how do you successfully get your links onto Reddit?

Start practising a degree of “reddiquette”.

That’s easy. Your content needs to be original, unique, helpful, interesting AND in the right god damn subreddit.

If a Subreddit says no websites or blogs, as attractive as it might seem, don’t even bother.

Your first priority for Reddit needs to be to authentically help people, not just post for traffic.

That might mean making them laugh, teaching Reddit users something or supporting a certain cause.


For instance, Blogging. If you write about Blogging, get onto those blogging Sub Reddit and start sharing your knowledge. Be helpful. When you post a link it will be one action among the many others which didn’t involve self-promoting your own blog.


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Do you want to build authority on Reddit?

When I say authority, I mean being a respected and known user. Someone who’s content can be trusted.The average Reddit user is Male, between the ages of 35-44. Keep that in mind when you are posting content that is geared toward women in a populated Sub Reddit. If there is NO subreddit for your post which allows a website, natively post it.  Don’t hold out on the audience just because it won’t get you a link click.


This is why Reddit users are so savage.

Reddit users smell a self promoting tool from a mile away. Reddit is one of the few corners of the internet who loathe corporate advertising, link baiting, sales promo & pure attention seeking post activity.

While you can get ahead on Facebook & Instagram through networking and having contacts share your work. Reddit doesn’t give a shit about who you know!


If Your Content Gets Onto A Big Subreddit, it’s a great sign.

If you can get your content accepted and appreciated on a big subreddit, it’s a great sign you are producing work that people want to read. So while some people think Reddit is a nasty cesspool at the bottom of the internet barrel – it’s not so different from any other social media platform. Except its sticking the finger up to having sponsored websites shoved down your throat every 30 seconds, like Facebook.


Stay Savage Reddit.