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How Did A Stoner Like Jay Wessman Teach Me To SEO?

Jay Wessman

Jay Wessman, The Lazy Ass Stoner, Taught Me To SEO. 

Before I talk about Jay Wessman, I want to mention I’m not an expert at SEO.

When I started blogging I quickly realised developing my social media strategy would take some time. There had to be some other way to build a traffic base that doesn’t rely on Facebook or Instagram.

Gaining traffic from Social media requires a lot more than technical skills, it requires passion, consistency, showing up daily and delivering excellent content. 

I wanted something that would produce reliable traffic while I worked on building my social media base.

The Benefits of SEO

If I want to have a few days off, my blog traffic isn’t going to die. I needed this peace of mind for myself so I immediately started learning the basics of Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO helps you specifically target the uptime customer. They are looking for something, you have the answer for.


When I started researching SEO, It was overwhelming.

So many courses, experts, content to delve into.

How do you know which to listen to or follow? I can’t answer this for you because it’s different for everyone.

For me the key was finding someone that stripped SEO right down to basics and delivered instructions in a really casual way.

Once I found education that worked for me, it was like a light bulb switched on inside of my head.


My Light Bulb Moment Was Watching Jay Wessman, The Lasy Ass Stoner.

Jay Wessman has very old content.

Some of his tactics no longer apply or are considered risky in 2017. It’s up to you to update your knowledge base on which SEO methods are being used today.

MOZ is a great place to start for up to date information.

Jay Wessmans SEO videos are still relevant because he pulls everything back to core.

His videos offer a really basic delivery system and a no BS approach to SEO. Once I had the basics down, I was ready to move onto the SEO courses that until this point, I couldn’t wrap my head around.


Im Serious! Jay Wessman, The Lazy Ass Stoner Really Did Teach Me SEO

I promised when I started this blog I would talk about some of the unconventional ways I have expanded my knowledge base.

I wouldn’t call Jay Wessman unconventional, but I know plenty of people wouldn’t even consider learning something from someone who is so visibly chillaxed during his videos.

Chillaxed meaning…stoned.


SEO isn’t the only thing Jay has provided instructional videos for.

The Lazy Ass Stoner also talks about starting a website from scratch using WordPress, viral marketing techniques, Pinterest marketing & more.

Jay’s video called “SEO For Noobs” is still by far my favourite out of everything he has done.


In case you didn’t notice, this article as a very basic SEO example for the keyword “Jay Wessman”. 

You won’t see Jay Wessman actively on Lazy Ass stoner today as he has moved onto other projects. 


The Lazy Ass Stoner still continues to attract people looking to understand the basic principles or SEO.


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