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8 Tips To Take Your Own Product Images With a Smartphone

Take Your Own Product Images.

You don’t HAVE to be a professional photographer. You just need your smartphone!

You can make decent images using a smartphone.

Product photos have to be presentable. Sometimes creating a unique image (something that hasn’t been seen before) will help you stand out against the same stock photos that other brands use.

Some of the images below are available for FREE USE in my Facebook Group.

When your on holiday…but you took your why not?

This goes for any product, sometimes the product is you!

I carry a Fisheye Lens and a Selfie light in my car at all times, while I rarely use them – having them pays off when lighting is really low.

(I also carry a GoPro Hero 6 – but Im vlogging nerd who loves to keep memories of everything I do. It has created some great content!)

In the home, I use two large photography lights. These fold away when Im not using them.

Flatlays for days…..

8 Tips For Taking Your Own Images

Tip 1: Face the light towards your product, but aim your smartphone downwards, on an angle, when taking photos so your arm shadow doesn’t appear in your final images.

Tip 2: Have you got an outdoor shoot? When taking pictures in public, don’t worry about what others think, if they aren’t in the photo what is it to them.

The Empires Poppin When the Cedarwoods Droppin

Tip 3: Experiment, I have taken some great images of products underwater (of course, they have to be waterproof items)

Tip 4: For 360 Social Media Pictures, use Panorama Mode and upload directly from your phone with the 360 option turned on.

Why not try the Facebook 3D mode if you have a newer model smartphone?

Tip 5: Are you an Essential Oil business owner? Save your empty bottles for when you want to create photographic content!.

Tip 6: To edit, use an app like Snapseed and wrap the entire shoot up on your phone to save time. This also costs less that a photoshop membership.

Tip 7: Transfer your entire shoot to a USB Stick, Dropbox and/or Google Drive for safekeeping.

Tip 8: Take more photos than you think you need! Trust me, in 4 months time you will wish you had variations for posting across social media platforms.

Bonus Tip: If you are really serious about creating a content bank for the next few months, consider a lighting kit and some flatlay props.

I often use props like Kmart placemats as backgrounds and my full lighting kit is from Aliexpress.

Want Full Access To Un-Watermarked Versions Of These Product Images? 

The whole lot are available in HD including Printable flyers and ebooks at the Essential Oils Image Hub

Happy Holidays! Don’t Forget To Take Your Oils With You!
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The Stranger Things Font Generator. Strangify All The Things!

Strangify All The Things!

The nostalgic Stranger Things font is a spin off from the iconic Stephen King title font.

Nelson Cash has created Make It Stranger, a text-generator that lets users write anything in the ‘80s retro font.



You can Strangify Your Own Designs

The Stranger Things font used for the title of the Netflix smash hit TV series is a customised version of ITC Benguiat


I used the Stranger Things font generator to theme up some of my Doterra Essential Oil blend recommendations.

The Stranger Things Font Generator would be perfect for creating Invitations to a Stranger Things, 80’s Pop Culture theme party.




See the font evolve into the official Stranger Things version HERE and get an insight in the development of the final product.



Have fun with your DIY Stranger Things creations!

To change the size of your final download I recommend Re-Uploading into Canva to adjust for your social media platforms.


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CANVA Tutorials | Beginners Basics

Every Canva Tutorial On This Website! 

My canva tutorials were designed with Doterra Wellness Advocates in mind, HOWEVER – anyone can watch and learn.

They focus on very basic projects and answer some of the most commonly asked questions in our social media facebook groups.

Canva Tutorial 1: START HERE

Creating a basic 3 layer image using Canva.

This is the most popular tutorial which gives a basic overview of create an image with different elements and text.

Canva Tutorial 2: LOGO BASICS

A logo doesn’t have to be fancy, some of the most elegant logos are a classic black font on a white background. If you can’t invest in a Graphic Designer, consider doing your own Logo.

Canva Tutorial 3: DIY WATERMARKING

A DIY Watermark will do the job if you are looking for a subtle way to protect your content.

It can be as simple as turning the transparency of your logo down or creating a specific watermark consisting of plain text, numbers or other images. 



Reupload content into Canva to create different images for differenplatforms. Learn how to utilise the same piece of content several times.


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Tutorial 3: DIY Watermark Using Canva

“Help! I need to make a watermark!”….

I hear you.

If you have a beginner skillset, Use Canva. Its quick & easy.

If you already have a professional logo, you can use this as a watermark.

In this tutorial I show you how to make a watermark which you can keep on hand in your Canva library.

You can also store watermarks in the “Logo” department if you have premium Canva, making it even quicker to access.

Some backgrounds do better than others with different levels of image transparency, as you can see on the video cover below. 

This is why I recommend just keeping the logo on hand and adjusting the transparency each time you use it as a watermark. You can always keep a watermark version of your logo saved as well.

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Leaving Your Job To Work For Yourself Is Terrifying

I left my “JOB” 6 months ago to work for myself.

The crazy part is my “job” was a self employed position too, it didn’t resemble the freedom and flexibility that the work from home dream is made of.

Like every other person I know, flipping a switch to a completely different role – self employed or not –  is risky and nerve-wracking.

I had been working up to this point for 2 years, part time hustling on the side in the digital world.

I reflected back to a time when I worked for someone else and the road I traveled to get here.


I have been in business for many many years.

In between caring for my son who had Cancer from birth and raising a total of three children, I have been in business for almost 20 years.

I had just turned 20 when I decided I would never work for an employer again, it was terrifying.

I don’t think the financial risk is the biggest scare factor either, it’s dealing with other peoples opinions.

Deciding you will never be an employee has an apparent arrogance about it, you will be told at least once in your life that you should “Just go and get a job”

The person who says that wants you back in THEIR box, not yours.

You are not an Entrepreneur if you are broke.


Entrepreneur Definition: a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

See that word….HOPE.

It’s what all Entrepreneurs have when we step out on a limb and develop something that came from an idea.

Entrepreneurs often take a considerable risk when they open a business or develop a product.

The risk could mean landing on ground zero with nothing to cling on, nothing but another idea.


Believe me, I have been there.

There is nothing worse than the term “Failed Entrepreneur” because it goes against the whole definition of what it is to be one.

We take risks. We land on our ass, we take risks again.

We lose our cars, our lifestyle and our minds, we built them back up again.

We make a million dollars, we lose a million dollars (or in my case, more)

The point is, we are driven to create and we have hope and faith that one of our ideas will change peoples lives.


Then It Happens.

You will wake up when day and say to yourself “I am here, this is where I’m meant to be”.

It won’t take money.

It won’t be the invites you get or the VIP tables at functions.

It won’t be a new car or the ability to take a holiday anytime you want.

You may still be scraping for rent money when it happens.

It’s the inner feeling of knowing you are where you belong.

It’s from this point you will start making waves, because you are BORN FOR THIS!

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The Brain Is Wired To Be Social!

The Brain Is Wired To Be Social!

Have you ever wondered why yawning causes other people to yawn? Mirror Neurons!

Have you ever wondered why, when someone else laughs, even if you don’t understand the joke – you start laughing too? MIRROR NEURONS!

When you know the intention behind someone’s action, the mirror neuron’s in your brain is activated.


How Does This Help Us In Business?

The mirror neuron’s give us the capacity to imitate other peoples behaviour. When you see somebody doing something, your mirror neurons are firing, allowing you to experience the same action without carrying it out physically. Let your audience feel your experience!

These neuron’s are the brains way of relating to each other and the world. We are WIRED TO BE SOCIAL!

You Have Just Watched Some Emotional Video Content.

How do you feel?

If the person is beaming with excitement, are you excited?

This isn’t as simple of something being funny or sad.

Mirror neurons allow us to experience the FEELING of another persons joy, sadness, anger and more simply by watching.



Theres a place in your brain which allows you to:

Feel other peoples experiences…WOW!

Have you ever been to a store and received exceptional customer service and while the product doesn’t usually excite you, you feel high on life.

This is because the storeperson was so positive, their smile was infectious – using the mirror neurons!

Have you ever watched a persons content online and found yourself smiling along with them, despite the content not being a comedy piece?

This is your mirror neuron’s helping you connect emotionally to that person.


You Have Successfully Connected With Your Audience:

On A Neurological Level…AMAZEBALLS!

I’ll say it again, we are WIRED TO BE SOCIAL! The very core of our existence is designed to connect and engage with each other. This is why social media is such a powerful engine.

Our purpose as humans is to interact with each other on an emotional level and there is plenty of science based evidence to back this up.


Tell a happy story, an inspiring tale, a sad and tragic account of a past event:

Do It With Emotion. Give It Everything You Got!

This is why it’s so important to show up and be authentic. The real stories, the truth of who you are, where you came from and why you strive to achieve certain goals often has a very powerful backstory.

The things than happen over the years shape who we are and can be used for powerful storytelling.

Don’t be afraid to get out there and put your emotions on the frontline because on a neurological level, we are wired to connect and share the raw emotions involved in each experienced told by one another.


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Creating a Super Basic Button Logo In Canva

Design Your Own Super Basic Transparent Logo In Canva

Making a Transparent Logo In Canva:

You will need premium Canva, simply choose PNG download and tick the “Transparent” box before downloading.


No Premium Canva? Removing Your Own Background:

You will need to choose dark button colours if you are removing your own background, you can then upload to LunaPic.

You can either crop the logo or use the transparent background removal tool.

Alternatively some services charge $1 per picture for background removal, this is cheaper than the $10 monthly fee of Canva if you rarely use the service.



Pin Me On Pinterest For Later!



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How To Promote Yourself In A Group Without Being Annoying AF

How To Promote Yourself In A Group Without Being Annoying AF

So you’ve joined a network marketing company or you have your own company. It might seem like a good idea to join as many groups as possible and drop your business spiel in every single one over a 24 hour period. Business will be booming after that right? Wrong. Dead wrong.

Your posts will be deleted and some of the groups will ban you. Members will be rolling their eyes thinking “not this shit again”….it’s only the 57th post from a Arbonne or “It work’s” rep this week.

The thing is when you get all spammy up in other peoples shit, you do a massive disservice to the product you are so passionate about.

It’s a stupid way to market yourself. If you are in business of the long haul, you need to shake off such a generic and mundane marketing technique.

I know you are not stupid, you are just watching what other people do. The fact you have launched your own business say’s you are an intelligent, confident woman (or man) ready to make your mark. Let me help you.

There was once a time where I would get these “typical” spiels in my inbox, I would spend a few minutes replying with a spiel of my own.

I was met with defensive attitude EVERY TIME. Hmmm, so you like to email me and tell me what I could be doing to create financial freedom – but you don’t want to accept advice in return?

Interesting and not the kind of attitude I would expect from a woman building a small powerhouse of wealth and freedom.

So here goes….

  • Stop the spammy bullshit now. Just stop it. 
  • Pick two very large groups. 
  • Network like you give a shit
  • Develop sustainable relationships in multiple niche areas

I seem to be extremely time poor of late and I miss group networking. The positive effect of being in a huge group and interacting as much as possible is you end up frequently in the top posts.

People get to know you, they frequently engage with you. You will make friendships that lead to opportunity.

This is how my friendship and working relationship grew with Kat Abianac.

Kat & I often interacted with each others posts in a large group called Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine.

I have made many friends in this group and had so many opportunities. 

I want to make it clear that at no point have I ever advertised my services in that group, yet I’ve had countless emails asking me If I would provide paid services.

Although Kat and I have crossed paths previously, this is what strengthened our communication. We have since been working together on three seperate projects – all successful in the last 6 months.

I have connected with PR’s and other writers who have connections in an industry I would otherwise not be able to get into, this is what networking is about.

Group networking isn’t direct selling. Think of group networking very similar to social media, you have to grow your audience with great content first.

Great networking relationships improve business, open doors and strengthen your knowledge base. You will get far more value interacting than dropping your douchey spiel and leaving.

I have individual affiliate articles converting $100+ each month, the success I owe to having a group networking relationship with the business owners.

They went above and beyond to provide me with what I needed to make my affiliate funnel project a successful one.

I can go on all day about the many open doors I have experienced by not being a typically annoying salesy group member, but I think you get the point.

Did you know I said I would never join an MLM ever again after trying AVON many years ago?

Recently I enrolled in DoTERRA and I bend over backwards to help people strengthen their business model. This is why I’m writing this, because this all stemmed from group networking.

This applies to all areas, wether you are promoting your blog, business or social media. There is a way to be an authentic user, always.

When you get things right, your ship starts sailing and it feels SO DAMN GOOD.

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Promote Your Australian Facebook Giveaway For Free

Promote Your Facebook Giveaway For Free

List Of Groups Who Allow Promotion Of Your Social Media Or Blog Giveaway

Finding competitions online that are exclusive to Australia can be hard. We have some huge online competition and giveaway listing sites but a lot of them require payment from brands to list a giveaway. This means you are missing out on loads of listings from smaller brands & bloggers who just want to make themselves known!

There are several groups on Facebook you can find unique competition listings. For bloggers looking for places to promote giveaways, these groups are fantastic. For Comp Lovers you will have an abundance of giveaways to enter.

Tip: When promoting your giveaway always include the Expiry, you will find often admins will often bump your listing if you include the details without them having to click to find out.

We have a very new but growing Competition Club Here where Daily Giveaways are listed.


Australian Freebies – Samples, Offers + Competitions

This Group has over 15.5K Members and welcomes Comps, Free Samples and Trial offer listings. You will not be accepted into this group if you do not show you are from Australia in your profile. Join This Group HERE

Competition Junkie Australia

This group has 1,100+ members and is for sharing as many giveaways as possible. You will find lots of active compers camped out here. Join The group HERE.

Australian Competitions & Freebies

A small group with 500+ Members. Relaxed rules for those looking to promote competitions. Join this group HERE.

I Love To Win

A small group hosted by an active member of the blogging community. This group has 200+ members and is for sharing and promoting giveaways in Australia. Join the group HERE.

Aussie Blog Giveaways

A small group with 100+ Members. This group is specifically to help blogger share giveaways that would not usually be accepted by large comp sites. Join HERE.

Giveaways & Competitions Australia

Another small but active group which allows you to share giveaways you have found or promote your own Australian giveaways. Join the group HERE.


This article was originally published at Australian Mum

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How To Link A Group To Your Facebook Page

Why Should You Link A Group To Your Facebook Page?

Linking your Facebook page to a group is a very simple process


What are the benefits of having a Facebook Group for your business?

Few years admins have been running groups that have a higher engagement rate than pages.

Linking your group is a great way to associate your business with your group without having to scream it from the hilltops.

As the group admin you have some authority and are often regarded as an expert in your groups niche.

You’ll have an easier time engaging with your audience in a closed setting such as a group, making one on one sales.

It takes some effort to run a group, a successful group will be overflowing with discussion. Think of a group the same way you do as content marketing, you are giving people a safe space, one to enjoy and learn or just socialise.

When we content market, we provide the audience with something they need, helps them or they enjoy – which converts to sales.


Connecting your group to your Facebook page

You will be able to post as your page. When you give valuable advice, people will be able to click through to your business page which hosts even more content and the Shop Now button.

For brands who prefer not to use personal names, this function gives the opportunity to post as the “Brand Name”. For a brand who have several staff members, this can come in handy.

  1. Go to your Business Page
  2. In the sidebar click groups
  3. Click “Link Group” in the pop up
  4. Select which Group you would like to link
  5. Repeat with any other groups you would like to link




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